Not to be a snail


  When buying a house, we only look at the housing type, orientation and area, but few people are concerned about the story. Now the real estate developers, basically will reduce the height of the storehouse, so it can build more layers, it is really no business! But this is the suffering of buying the house you, the level is reduced, we will feel the space is more depressed, but we have no way to demolished the floor, and then there are so many good ways to In the vision to pull high?

  Part 1. variable ceiling

  1. Glass ceiling

  The role of the ceiling is to make the top look layered. Glass ceiling is fashionable and permeable. Because of its own material characteristics, the glass ceiling is especially light and transparent at the top. It also has the characteristics of moisture-proof, which is suitable for use in washrooms.

  2. Enlarging the area by using the mirror surface

  3, plasterboard ceiling

  The use of plasterboard to make a local ceiling, forming a high and low level of staggered layer, not only play the role of regional decoration, but also to some extent to the people's view of the diversion, the formation of illusion, let the people overlook the low level of the defect. The direct light on the surrounding ceiling is mainly a lighting function, and more importantly, it can create a visual illusion, virtually increasing the height of the house.


  There are many ways to handle the ceiling, but it is necessary to take into consideration the design style of the whole. In the choice of lighting, we should try to avoid choosing the ceiling lamp and choose the lantern. It is not only diverse in shape, but also can reduce the height of the space of the chandelier. If we use other complex ceiling, it will appear higher and shorter.

  Part 2. ground layout

  1. The characteristics of the harmony room are high

  Although the studio needs to make a platform, the actual height is reduced. But because people are sitting on the floor in the same room, it feels like the top is heightened.

  2. Small furniture space becomes larger

  In the room with insufficient height, it is not suitable for large furniture. You can choose the small and beautiful furniture, not only very delicate, but also a lot of sense of space.

  Part 3. wall decoration

  1, add the height of the door

  General doors will customize doorways, and make a doorway above the doorway, which makes the door longer and has a sense of vertical extension.

  2. Choose the wall pattern ingeniously

  The wall decoration can choose the wallpaper of the straight line or the plant pattern with line sense, with the decorative painting of the vertical plate, and naturally it feels that the height of the top is increased a lot.