The 130cm girl claimed that she was "fifth grade in elementary school". No one doubted it. A closer look revealed that "she is already a wife." Netizens were angry: too disgusting!
At a certain age, many people will start to pursue "frozen age", and some natural beauty are born with a child face, which is very enviable.The netizen "YOME (ヨ メ)" I want to introduce today is as immortal as a fairy tale. Not only does it look super young, but my favorite style of dressing is "primary school dress". The screen looks completely innocent.
.YOME did not specifically indicate his age on Twitter. If he passed by casually, at most, he would only think that the little girl in front of him is a primary school student who likes to take photos on social networking sites.However, she wrote the word "Married" in the self-introduction column, and also called her husband "PAPA (Daddy)".
Is there anything wrong with the editor? .Netizens boldly estimated that YOME was at least 20 years old, but when she saw that she was carrying a red schoolbag exclusively for elementary school students, with a ponytail tied to her head and a cute hair clip, if you were to say that she was an elementary school student, everyone would believe it? ?
? .In short, Xiaobian believes .Especially YOME's height is only 130 cm, you read that right!
It's 130 cm! .The sixth grade of Xiaobian Elementary School has grown to 136 cm. Can only say that Japanese girls are more compact?
.The cute pose and the appearance of young teeth can be regarded as legitimate "wife loli"! .Some people may question her wife's identity, and she will also tweet out a good-looking movie that cleans her home on "Wife Day" on Twitter.
Is it the husband who made the movie? Still dad XD.YOME also once claimed to be "the fifth grade of the elementary school". Well, you lie around the world is most suitable!
.In fact, apart from elementary school style, YOME also wears other clothes that are more suitable for her age.Black colored, gray skirt with stockings and black boots, the double pony tail is changed to a temperament princess head, it looks more "female" .Occasionally, I also wear an apron to help my husband make dessert ~.
A little more mature school style is also good! .Bathrobes are also great! There is also a charming woman ~.
Regarding YOME's dressing style, netizens have quite different opinions. Some people praise her for being cute and looking really like a primary school student, but some people ca n』t stand it and say, 「Wearing fashion is very good, why is it「 so disgusting 」 "She even questioned whether she had a mental illness or her husband had pedophilia, and said that her home was full of cute puppets," It must be a very empty heart! ".I don't know how you feel after reading it?
The editor thinks that as long as she doesn't get cold, go naked, or carry a weapon, no matter if she wants to dress as a schoolboy or baby, it is all personal freedom, as long as I am happy! .Reference source.

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