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Hello ~ I'm HuahuaWhat about this video todayI want to share with you ikea's 100 yuan storageWould you like to make this videoDo you also know that I rent here?So actually many landlords willFor example, you cannot nail or drill walls.I am also completely prescribedAnd where is my rental office?I actually thinkLiving as two of usnot big enoughPlus a lot of my own stuffSo storage is important to meWhen I moved here to buy furniture this yearMe tooVery careful about the things you storeBecause i feelThe space here is very small.
Come take my stuffProperly putSo today I want to share with youI find it very practicalworththenNine hundred yuan products that I also highly recommendit is goodThen let's start directly ~The first recommended thingIs a small thingSo I will show it to you directlyit is thishangerThen this hanger i thinkHe should be relatively newBecause i'm from the recentI saw something like thisThen he is specialHe is a very simple hangerAnd then do a lot of thisHe's the kind of versatile storageThen what do you want to collectFor example, if you want to hang a beltWhat about myselfYou know me tooI like wearing vestsIs my summerPeople who often wear vestsEspecially thin shoulder strapsand soThis is really great for meLet me show youI will put the shoulder straps on both sides like thisJust hang up like thisThen a lot of summer vests are also chiffonSo it ’s less of a problemThen come againThe most troublesome of these vests is that they are thinThen softSo you're neatly folded.He tooYou take one outHe might also get messy.So i think this is awesomelookSo he can hang super many piecesAnd the thickness he put in the closet looks like thisHe can hang very many piecesThen you also take it wellI wo n』t even take one at a timeIs to cause any trouble to other thingsHe won't mess upThen if you have a lot like thisSuch as shopping bags and canvas bagsIn fact, it can be hungI also bought a shot myselfIs to hang this canvas bag directlyThen i closet nowThere are a total of four of these hangers insideAnd then all my vests and canvas bagsReally a lotThen I think this is really convenientAnd this is only 39 yuanJustNot just hanging theseYou can think about what you have in your lifeWhat needsVarious hung upI find it very convenientHighly recommend thisWhat about the second oneIs a checkered storage boxI would recommend itThe first one is except for the plaid which I find cute.Compared to plainThen there is the ikea series that comes in many sizes.
That he has big and smallThen there are higher and shallower ones.So you just have to look at your own wardrobeYou can easily pick oneDo you thinkVery suitable sizeThen i buy it myselfI bought the size of 20x34x10 cmI put him in my vestBecause I have many small vests with brasActually, it ’s not very good.Then i will putSuch as the more commonly wornAnd then put it in a boxThen come again to compareProbably fancyFor example, some beautiful onesMulti-line vestPut him in another boxEven if you have a lot of these little thingsOr for example your underwear, underwearYou can also use this storage box to organize him more neatlyEven betterI think storage is sometimes more than justIs to save your spaceSometimes it ’s convenient for you to getI think it's also importantThen i think this isEasy for me to getVery important thingThen come the third hundred dollars to store good thingsIs a chest of drawersEven ikea has a lotPlastic drawer like thissize ofIs that he has various thingsRelatively shallowThat is even smallerThen I would like to buy this chest of drawersActually because of my own wardrobeYou know I'm the rental officeSo this wardrobe is already thereWhat about the wardrobe hereHe is the kind of wardrobe without drawersThen help you divide it into large wardrobesand soIf you want to bring him clothesYou know the big wardrobeIf your folded clothes really stack up like thisEvery time you take one, the other willMessIt's also very easy for him to fallAnd your stuff is very hard to findAnd the closet is fullSo there are a lot of storage problemsI think this kind of drawer is very convenientI picked oneIs the size that my wardrobe can fit inThen i bought threeJustYou become like this, you may be able to fold clothesOr you can put clothes in the drawer.Then I brought him by myselfPut some of my skincare productsOne of me is to let me openAnd was recently usingThe other one puts my stockIs brand newCan be used laterBecause you know I have a lot of bottlesSo I also need some storage space for drawersAnd one moreI just put my cameraThere are some things related to making videosWhat about the drawer?
Is the layered little box I introduced last timeIn fact, I think this drawer has many functionsThen he is not expensiveThen he can layer up againIf you have a high spaceYou can buy more than oneAnd then stacked upThen come againI originally wanted to put on care productsIf it ’s more like the one I introduced last time,Words from a big box made of clothActually ikea is also soldBut i think that kindJust can't bear the weightIf I put bottles in cansHe easily deformsIt ’s easy to take it outPour insideSo I myself recommend the plastic drawerJust pick your own sizeI find it convenientThen the fourth one started to have a relationship with a cabinet in ikeaI believe many of you knowAnd also boughtIs that they have the kind of large cabinets of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4Then the kind of hollow that you can see oppositeWhere is this cabinetI bought it in addition to the officeI bought it here at homeI bought a 4x3With a 2x2 cabinetThen they can put drawers and doorsI thinkDrawers and doors are actually a bit expensivePlus himLess variabilityIt ’s like if I do n』t want to put this type of stuff hereI might want to put something elseI do n』t think that ’s the degree of change.So the following are my mainTo solve such a small storage problemThen of course besides this cabinetYou don't have to put in this cabinetHe can actually use itit is goodThat starts with the fourthThe fourth one is a large transparent box with a coverThat's like this storage boxHe is actually the sameThe good thing about ikea is that he has a lot of sizesThen the size I picked is 39x28x1411 liter big boxHis sizeYou can just fit it inThen his length will be a little protrudingbutBecause my cabinets are against the wallSo it does n』t matter if you stick out slightlyI mainly pick this because he has a coverThen you also knowPeople always have someLess commonly usedBut what he has to stayYou really do n』t get such thingsThis kind of thing really needs a lidThat's better to be transparentBecause you canDo you know what's insideBecause he ’s so uncommonSo it ’s easy to forgetSo i am looking for thisAnd then just under the closetIt ’s the kind of cell that is harder to pick up.It ’s the first that he is less prone to dust.The second is that he is not easy to takePlus I do n』t often take it myselfSo this box is convenient for meThen if I move, I move elsewhereMy box like thisCan actually be usedIt's okay to put other things in other placesHere's the fifth oneIs a linen square drawer basketThe size of his basketIt just happened to be in this cabinetThat first one is what I thinkHis design looks greatHe's not the type of white canvasYou know i bought all white cabinetsThen a little more of this khaki weaveAlso feelThe room looks warmerSo i actually like itThe second point isThis hemp basketIn fact, sometimes he can be taken out aloneAs a photo propRegardless of his backgroundOr as backgroundThey are very convenient and suitable for me to shoot some small thingsThen come againI now put him in a lower cabinetWhat's under the comparisonYou know what's insideYou must squat downActually not very convenientBut if you open upIf you pull it out like thisThe things below you are relatively easy to pick upThen come againIf I do n』t want to put it in the cabinet in the futureHe can also be aloneEvenStack one or twoThen he will also be a beautiful decorationI think of it this way.
I think it ’s something I wo n』t regretHere's the fifth oneIs the one designed for this cabinetMetal basketBecause you also know that this cabinet is actuallySay high or lowSpace insideIf you want to put some bottlesOr a smaller boxIf you accept it,He actually only puts the bottom layerThere will still be a lot of space above himSo like this golden basketHis first is his beautiful appearanceThen the second is his cabinet for youIs split into two layers in an instantYou can put some small things on itYou can follow your ownPut some bottles or cans or some small drawersEven small baskets.Just completelyMade use of the space in his upper halfThe space that won't let you up isTotally wastedAnother small disadvantage is thatI find that he can only be placed in the middle mezzanineHe is on top because his cabinet is widerSo there is no way to put it onHe can only be placed in the middle mezzanineSo not every cabinet can be used like thisWhat about the seventh thingTo solve the same problemWhat i saidLike the net basket he can only put in the middle cabinetThe top layer is unusableWhat about thisHe is an H-shaped oneLayered cabinetHe just installed him directlyThen put inHe will instantly become two-story insideThen the first one is completely unlimitedJust whatever you want.Here's the second oneExcept that you apply it in the cabinet they fixedActually your own homeLike your wardrobeIt's also that big.Live like my boyfriend's house beforeThis is his wardrobeThat kind of closetYou usually do n』t want to nail things on itJust don't want to destroy himBut there are some cabinets insideReally too deepYou know too deepPutting on clothes is a troublesome thingSo I actually wanted to find itThis H-shaped thingevenAnd asked my boyfriend to nail one for meIs simply nailed with a wooden boardBut he actuallyikea also sells such thingsJust look at the right sizeThen he has a small disadvantageIt's himIs it assembledBecause it just fits in that cabinetHe doesn't know how to shakeBut if youIf it ’s not in the right space,He actually shakesand soIf you are a long cabinetYou can put two H shapes at onceYou may put some next to itMay be some hard stuff like boxNot even used oftenBut what can be fixed by himI think this is a very convenientthenNot expensiveGood assemblyin factIt will be suitable for various places in the futures thingsHere's the eighth oneIs a small shelf of white metalThen I put him in the bathroom myselfBut i thinkWhether it's the bathroomOr even the kitchen.
He is more like that kind of countertopAnd help you with storageA small thing that can be folded upWhat about something like thisExcept for the appearanceHe looks prettyIt's very simpleThen the second point isHe is cheapHe's only 199What about the third point?It is very simple to assembleJust meSuper people who do n』t know this kind of thingAfter I opened itI rely on myselfIt's just that he can be installed soonI think it's very convenientThen again, he is actually not bigSo if you just want to organize the things on the tableLike your bathroom sinkOr even your kitchenMaybe one or twoNo problemPlus he is a hollow designDo you know the hollow design in the bathroom and kitchenI think it is importantbecauseIf you are completelyNo holeThe design of a completely flat entityIn that humid placeIf you splash water a littleEven if the bathroom is often splashed with waterI think he can easily accumulate waterThen it gets dirty and scaryThat is evenIf you do n』t always clearIn that dead endI think it's easy tooThere will be cockroaches over timeOr a lot of dustI feel terribleSo hollowing out is important to meJustYou can at least seeThen if you get wetIt ’s actually not easy, you knowStanding water under thatYesAnyway, after I bought it,One thing I find very worthwhileHere's the ninth oneI believe many people also knowIs a trolleyJust this ikea cartI feel really cuteHe has many, many colorsI bought a light greenI just saw the light green color recentlyI have never seen this color beforeWhat about this cartI find it very convenientBecause he is a strollerIs that he has wheelsYou know if your space isFor exampleIf you want to use this space multiple times,Like where I put it myselfI put him by the windowI do n』t use this position.But if I need to take pictures sometimesOr when a larger open space is neededI need this spaceIf I were a cabinetActually it ’s not easy to moveThat car is very convenientyou knowIn fact, the trolley is not too laborious for girls.Then I put some more commonly used insideSuch as skin care products or somethingIf I change positions occasionallyHe is also more mobile for me.
Then again, he divided into three layersJust he might be one layerBecause there is still a lot of spaceSo if you put bottles in cans, he will fall easily.You might want to put some small boxes inside yourselfWould be more convenientIt depends on what type of stuff you are putting in itYesOk then the above isNine samples of ikea I recommend for a good storageI think this is for rentersShould be very importantAnd very practicalAnd these are also the ones that I currently use.Highly recommendedThen these things I recommendRegardless of appearancePracticalityEvenDoes not damage the environmentYou know rentersCome againEven if you do n』t use it nowActually it ’s easy to storeOr there are other application methods in the futureAbout thisCorrectYesHope you enjoy this video todaySee you next time掰掰 ~


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