日本戰利品分享#1:化妝品/保養品/面膜 | JAPAN HAUL 2018 | YUICHIA

Hello i'm yuiToday I want to share with you my Japanese bootyJust in January I went to JapanI went for a total of 14 days this timeThen this is also my first time to go to JapanSo I bought quite a lotSome loot that most people buy when they go to Japan for the first timeIf you plan to visit Japan in the near futureYou can refer to this video todayThe first loot I want to share is thisCANMAKE's five-color petal blushThis series of blushes have been launched for some timeBut this one colorThis color number 09It was just launched in January this yearIt is a touch of purpleThen pearlescentThen its colorIn fact, it's a bit like the PW38 that was very red beforeBut it is a bit more natural than PW38Then it is pearlescentI think it will make itMaybe because of pearlIt makes people look betterI use this blush on my face nowI really like the effect on my faceThen compared to the PW38I prefer this brush headI think the hair on this brush is very soft and easy to useUnlike that oneThat one feels like it's hard to apply blush evenlyThen these five colors on itNo matter if you want to wipe separatelyOr mix it together in a circular motion.So I think it's quite practicalNext up is CANMAKE blushThis is a new color launched after PW38PW39Compared to PW38It's more towards a more pink and purple colorThen PW38's main focus is blood colorAnd this one focuses on transparencyIt really looks very, very natural.It ’s more like thatMaybe you can use a blush without any makeupNext is this EXCEL four-color eyeshadow paletteThis eyeshadow palette is also very very redThen the color number I bought was SR04This color number is a smoked plate in this series of eyeshadowsIs that its color will be grayer and coolerThe one most bought is actually SR03But I saw that there are no goods in many places in Japan.So I chose this colorIn fact, the difference between them is not too big.
It ’s just that it may be a little pinkishCome again, its powder is very fineIs that it is very conformable to the applicationIf you do n』t know what is flying powderYou will know if you buy Colourpop's eyeshadow paletteColourpop's eyeshadow paletteSome of them are really seriousI think this eye shadow is really quite practicalJust the colors are everydayIt ’s also very portableFinally it's turn to lipstickI only bought one lipstick this timeIs this oneCHIFURE's 744 blue tubeCHIFURE is Japan's affordable makeup brandThen I bought this 744Its color is reddish brownIt's matteAnd then I put it on and I feel pretty temperament.I think at this price pointReally worth itYou see it in this packageIt's this matte designThen it feels very textureBut it will be slightly dryIt may be necessary to hydrate the lips beforeIt ’s less likely to peel offNext is this plain face powderThis one is supposed to be without makeupIs powder that can be applied to sleepI took a look at that descriptionWhy it can be painted to sleepIs that it contains skin care ingredientsLike hyaluronic acid, collagen and moisturizers, etc.Then its main designIt ’s just for girls like usJust like going out sometimesOr just made a new boyfriendDon't want others to see your faceThen you can wipe this directly to sleep at nightCome together the next morning and you will be beautiful immediatelyBut this powderIt has no concealing and sun protection effectsSo it mainly just can modify your poresAnd brighten your complexionI have used it the other dayI think it's quite effectiveIs that it can brighten the whole complexionMake your looks look betterYou won't have that yellowish feelingThenLike some people with oil on their facesIf you do n』t want to go for makeup or somethingYou can also use this powder to control oilI think this puff in it is super cuteThere is a pink bowIt ’s the kind of furry feeling that rarely has a female heartThe color of the whole box is very girlyNext is this KISS ME mascara removerActually, the design on the outside looksIs exactly the same as their mascaraThen this oneIs very easy for you to remove your mascaraBecause it looks like KISS ME's mascara.Are notoriously difficult to removeAlthough I bought the third generationIs the one that is easier to removeBut it still takes a bit more timeMaybe you use that kind of makeup remover for eyes and lipsLet it last longer before you can wipe it off slowlyBut after using this, it is completely unnecessaryWhen you want to remove makeupJust touch thisAnd brush it on your lashesYou can use warm water afterwardsOr makeup remover or somethingIt will drop clean with a light touchFor me, I think the most important thing is to save time.
When I want to use mascaraThinking about wow makeup removal is troublesome and takes timeBut after having this thingYou can quickly remove itSo if you often apply mascaraI think this is really a must buyNext is this lipstick raincoatThe main function of this lipstick raincoatJust let you put on your lipstickIt can prevent your lipstick from fading or stainingI think its price is actually a bit expensiveBecause so smallThe package says that it can be used about 60 times.Then it squeezes outIt's transparent gel insideIs that you can apply a thin layer on your mouthThen you can make your lipstick last longerBecause it looks like some lipstickThe colors are obviously very beautifulBut it ’s not very durableMay have a meal and drink waterIt's already cleanI think with thisShould increase my chances of using those lipsticksI wiped it that dayI don't think it's 100%But it really has some effectAfter you apply thisLipsticks are less easy to print on cups and the likeNext is this DHC lip balmI bought this lip balm on my first day in JapanBecause when i go it is winterWinter is quite dryIt ’s easy to peelThen I used this lip balm for those daysI really like itJust wipe it upDoesn't feel sticky like some lipsticksIt doesn'tIt feels oily when appliedBut it won't stickI think this is importantBecause there are some sticky rubbing, it will feel more disgusting.One of the must-buy items to go to JapanIt is also suitable for sending a letter to a friendNext is antiperspirantJust the antiperspirants we sell out hereUsually it ’s the kind of sprayOr the ball is liquid insideBut this oneHe is like thisDirectly creamyThen it is without any added pigments and flavorsSo it smells odorlessAlthough it is a deodorantBut he did not have any antiperspirant effectPurely deodorantEven after you get this, you still sweat.But you do n』t have that bad smell or body smell when you sweatThen these antiperspirants are usually sold outsideWill have some scentIf you could use those perfumes,Will mix the two flavors togetherFeels strangeThe benefit of this is that it doesn't have any tasteYou can just wipe it and spray your favorite perfumeThen they have launched men's modelsI think the difference between these two modelsIt ’s a male model, it has mint added in it.
It will feel coldNext is thisThis little potCan you guess what?It's hair styling creamThis is when I experience Kimono in TokyoExperiencing kimonos, they usually help us to make shapesI saw them use this thingIt's actually hair waxThen it is very convenient to useJust apply it directly to your hair like thisYou can style your hairLike there are some peopleMaybe you have a lot of baby hairOr your hair is cut a bitIt ’s easy to have the hair that stands upThis thing can come in handy at this timeYou just need to make a stroke on your hairYou can make those frizzy hair obedientMaybe if you want to attend some important occasionsOr work or classI don't want the feeling of frizzy hairI think this is really a must buyBut because it ’s waxySo do not use too muchIt looks oily with too many flowersI think it ’s more suitable for side or back hairIt ’s easier to look on top of your head.Maybe people feel that your head does n』t feel like washing your hairThen the packaging is very cute and the little one is also easy to take outThe next step is to enter the skincare category.This pile is the mask I bought this timeFirst and foremost is this Good Morning MaskThis mask is a recent red productIs that it claims to only take 60 secondsYou can finish face washing, skin care and moisturizingI have bought small packages in JapanI think its effect is really good and convenientEspecially when we are travelingI do n』t need to wash my face when I wake up in the morningYou can apply this mask right awayThen wait 1-2 minutes to remove itThen your face is in a very moisturizing stateI'm very obedient in applying makeupAnd his moisturizing levelIt really feels like the mask you just appliedBut these two modelsIn comparison, I would recommend this one.
Because this one has a strong alcoholic flavorI was really scared when I first used itAlthough it is written that there has been added that flavorBut I didn't smell any flavorIt ’s really an alcoholPretty pungentI don't like it very muchThen this one has the flavor of adding berriesEven if it smells fragrant, it will feel more comfortable when appliedThere are 28 pieces in a box like thisIt ’s like a wet paper towel.Although his description is written, it only takes 60 seconds.But I think it ’s a waste of 60 seconds.After all this thing is not very cheapSo I usually put it on for about 5 minutesNext is thisSuper many people recommend jelly maskThe main feature of this series of masks is that there are so many essences in itReally like it on this photoOne tablespoon slowly is not too muchThen it feels very moisturizingThat is, you can clearly feel the difference effect when you wake up the next day.
So highly recommendedThe last mask is thisMinon's Hydrating MaskI also bought the same moisturizer from their familyThe products of this brand are mainly gentleThey have passed that very strict low sensitivity test in JapanSuitable for people with sensitive skinIt doesn't add any alcohol or anythingSo if you have sensitive skin, you also need to worryI have n』t used this mask so I ca n』t share my experience with youBut this moisturizing lotionI tried out their products when I bought themI really like its textureIt ’s very moisturizing but not stickyI think it ’s quite suitable for the weather hereNext is face creamThis is Sana Soy Milk Face WashActually, I do n』t have any requirements for face cream.So I usually buy this kind of open shelvesI think there are already a lot of cheap and easy-to-use face creams on the shelves.I have not used this one yetBut he has a number one here.I think it will be pretty goodBecause this series of productsThis is the product of this soy milk seriesAll are recommended by quite a few peopleNext up is horse oilThis time I bought a total of these two horse oilsThe first is this LOSHI horse oil skin creamI think his texture and effectIt looks like a normal body lotion when appliedBut it's a bit more refreshing than regular body lotionsIt has a good moisturizing effect and is cheapThen there is this pure horse oil from HokkaidoThere are actually several types of horse oilHorse oil like thisActually the price is very cheapAnd this pure horse oil will basically exceed 1,000 yenThen their texture is also much worseLike this pure horse oil, it really feels like thatI don't think it is suitable for rubbing my bodyIt ’s like horse oil.
Like maintenance, skincare, or applying on some woundsVery useful for burnsLike this time in JapanAfter playing for about a weekI have a lot of eczema on my feetIt ’s because of the lack of oil and water on the skin.So in the next few daysI will paint this horse oil crazyIt ’s all hands and feetAfter that, my skin condition really improved.If it ’s hot here,If you want to use it often,I think this is more suitableThis is really more suitable for some peopleHands will be particularly sensitive and dryOr some parts like knees and elbowsWould be more appropriate to use thisOtherwise, if you wipe it all overI don't think that greasy sensor is acceptable to ordinary peopleOK today ’s share is hereBut of course my spoils are more than the abovePART 2 I will share with you some medicines bought this timeAnd daily necessities, etc.Interested friends remember to subscribe to my channelReceive updates the first timeSee you next time bye

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