用水墨浮世繪畫出來的遊戲:《大神 OKAMI》鑒賞【就知道玩遊戲62】

Hello all Chinese players in the universeThanks for watching, I know that I am Nie Jun.The game world has never been short of the so-called "Masterpieces in Other Populations"That is, obviously a game for many people, including the entire industry.I think they are made by God but not many people playIf you want me to make a list like thisThe 2006 "Big God" must be on the listWhat about the players of the game "Great God"?If you search for it, you will find that it is basically reviews such as "God Works" and "Art Works".
Many people say "This is the game I think is closest to art"I believe there will be such comments below this videoHow does the industry evaluate it?In 2006, IGN and other big media selected "Big God" as the best of the yearAlthough TGA finally awarded the best of the year to The Elder Scrolls 4But Great God is also nominatedIn other words, it is basically the same height as the Great God.Therefore, whether the game "Big God" is in player word of mouth or industry commentIs an excellent work without disputeBut its sales are a tragedyMay be more tragic than "Taige Lizhi"That's like I said in the last video of my trip to HangzhouI think the real value of a game is the "experience" it wants to createCan it be expressed correctlyIf this "experience" is accurately expressed using various factors of the gameAnd its disadvantages-we think every game must have disadvantagesBut its shortcomings do not cover up and hinder the expression of this "experience"Then we think it is an excellent gameThe entire industry and players have given such a high rating to "Great God"Of course, the Great God is undoubtedly done in the expression of experience.But how to make this experience more popular to accept and let more people getThat's another dimension and this dimension determines the sales of this gameSo from this episode we will enable a new game appreciation methodWe never rate games.
You know that.So we used to say "buying advice"But this suggestion I found is still too broadNot accurate or even accurateBut we don't want to go back to the rigid scoring system.And now we realize this new method of appreciationFrom this issue we will give two dimensionsFirst analyze what experience the game wants to expressThen comment on whether the game is good at expressing experienceAnd how its advantages and disadvantages affect this experienceThat dimension determines how well the game itself is doingThe second is whether its experience is easily perceived by the majority of playersAnd what types of players are required to perceiveThis dimension is what audiences can think for themselves.If you feel that the threshold of perception is too high or you are not interested in this experience at allThen this game is not suitable for you to buyThese are two dimensions of the new appreciation we will try in the futureOf course this method is suitable for new gamesBecause old games like Great God are good reviews and not selling wellIt has proven to be an excellent game with a good experienceBut the threshold for perceiving this experience is too high or not suitable for the publicThis is already fruitful, so this issueBefore I succeeded, Kuang Fu Han Room did n』t show the videoLet's go back and appreciateWhat is the experience of "God" this fallen god making itAnd why is it so good that it can't make the market accept its experience?
Cards taste "Zelda"The Great God is a four-leaf clover studio owned by Capcom's former subsidiaryAction adventure game madeIt incorporates a lot of traditional myths and historical stories on the stage of ancient JapanThe player is in a 3D scene with a general ink painting.The god of operation is a white wolfEr, it's not the white wolf of this pile driverIs the real white wolfThe name of the game, OKAMI, is pun in Japanese.It means both "great god" and "wolf"So what we played in the game is really a wolfUm Japanese ancient background traditional myths and historical storiesThe main character is a wolfThe name of this game should be "The Wolf"Don't be rushed by the visual effects of the gameAlthough it has a unique picture styleBut Great God has another strange title in the game world2010 is the fourth year after the release of "Great God"Guinness World Records set a record for the game"Game of the Year with Lowest Commercial Achievement"Guinness is really a god's knife.Ji you are so beautifulThis record estimates that Capcom's heart hit the wall.
Today's Great God fades away the haloAlso out of the argument of poor salesThe label of super cold rice has become a niche phenomenon in the industryVery limited awareness among new generation playersBut he was indeed a decent person.Also with The Elder Scrolls 4 and Gears of War"Guitar Hero 2" nominated for best of the year on TGADissolution of its founder Clover StudioAnd later indirectly contributed to the birth of Platinum StudioAs a downright Japanese RPGCan compete with these monster-level works at home in Europe and the United StatesThe charm of "The Great God" can be seen at the timeIf you sum up the experience of the Great God in one sentenceI think it ’s Capel ’s Zelda.This metaphor is more than just expressing my love for The Great GodIt can also be regarded as an overview of the basic framework of the Great GodIf you have never been to this game and want to know how it is playedCan refer to the previous Zelda seriesBattle Trivia Explore TrinityStories bring new areas, new areas bring new capabilitiesAnd new abilities unlock new storiesDoes not place as much emphasis on equipment and upgrades as RPGOverall focus on the process and fun of adventureOf course, if "The Great God" only stays at this stageIt wo n』t be so easy to get the title of the yearThe official theme of "The Great God" is "Wake up the life of this world"Very high-end atmosphere very soul chicken soup haIts most iconic pictureIt is the green vitality that stretches for thousands of miles like the wavesUnlimited spread on the earthEventually formed a magnificent bridgeThat picture just has a thrill of being washed away when you look at it.As if in the bathThe dirt on the body is completely washed away with the foamThe whole person's instant release from anxiety can't be anymoreHey, isn't your picture wrong?
"Purification" is one of the core concepts of "The Great God"It is also the most direct goal of the entire game's expressiveness.Of course, if you want to purify, you must have pollution first.So the game introduces the concept of gods and demonsOpposite the traditional myths of the Hachiki SerpentInterestinglyEarlier they set the game to the age of dinosaursI do n』t know that dinosaurs have a yarn relationship with the purification worldDo you want to simulate the extinction of dinosaurs?Obviously Clover himself felt that this setting was wrongSo the dinosaurs are goneFortunately did not make an inexplicable gameHmm, but maybe sales of dinosaurs will skyrocket if they are really made.
Introducing the demon itself is nothing, who has not seen the mythBut Great God puts special emphasis on "purification"As soon as the plot comes up, I have a sense of doomDim tones when unlocking new areasAnd the curse that occupies almost the entire map will be blocked in blackThe whole world can be described as lifelessThe game was guided from the beginningEven forcing players to realize that purification has the highest priorityThis design is suitable for games with a certain degree of freedom such as "Great God"Played a good restraint roleDo not lose freedom because of too much freedomCursed players can not run aroundCursed NPC cannot interactPlayers will not be distracted by the sidelinesLater emergenciesThe game also only allows players to go straight to the goalReasonable restrictions so that the game experience will not lose goalsPlayers will not have the illusion that it is currently an issue with meHere are the settings made by the development team to control the experience of the gameAlthough it sacrifices a certain degree of freedom, it can better serve the gameThe development team made what I think is the right roundingWhen the purification of an area is completedGo there and explore the logic and experience inside it is completely differentBecause we saved everything hereLiberate places that could be seen but could not be reachedPlayers get staged resultsThen you need to check and accept this "result"Rather than just wandering off the main line like an open worldDon't underestimate this subtle change like a word gameMany times this is a transformation of this conceptWill directly affect our willingness to continue our adventureYou see now the sense of fragmentation in our scathing development worldIn fact, "Great God" gave a good plan back then.Essentially, the core of Great God is to use player obsessive-compulsive disorderTo lure players into the urge to purifyIt's an addictive processMarvel from the beginning to gradually get used to itUntil then proactively explore every cornerMake sure each area is in perfect condition"Big God" made purification into visual physiologyAnd the triple enjoyment of gaming achievementsSo the experience of this game is especially suitable for patients with OCD very curedBut to say that "The Great God" is the most uniqueYou have to count this pen system that can decay into magicCut the tree gently and split the enemyA small circle of dead wood rises in the springThe sky curved a starry sky and the bright moonDongfeng on the ground to helpThis mode of operation that breaks the dimension wallDemonstrate the personal characteristics of "Great God"A Q can transform into a bomb and climb the wall along the handwritingTwo horizontal lines pause time Three horizontal lines launch hurricaneYou can summon the sun and the moon at any time and you can cross the river on the lotus leaves you painted.Can direct the lightning in the sky to the enemy, and can also use the ∞ symbol to launch a blastThe pen system gives a completely different interaction logicPlayers not only need to operate the great god for battle and scene interactionAlso think about how to use the characteristics of the pen industry from a plane perspectiveEnemies who love to defend need to use a flash to break the defenseThe wind can blow the guy with the umbrella outThe ghost lamp blooms to attack the ontologyWhen the Yagi snake roars, it can pour fake wine into its mouthDrink to youIt breaks the inertial thinking of the unified dimension of traditional gamesCleverly separated the gap between 3D and 2DAt the same time, the style design of the game also fully considers the existence of the pen industryIn order to avoid screen conflictsThe game presents the picture as an ink painting on paperSo the game background was set to ancient JapanCombined with the previous "purification" of the demand for the themeThis combination can be described as a hitAlthough "Great God" is a 3D gameBut it deliberately made the vegetation, trees, flames, water, etc. into a 2D painting effect.
Detail lines such as the swirls on the Great God also simulate the texture of inkAction design using exaggerated deformationThis effect can be easily observed by slowing down the jumping action of the Great GodThis is a common method for animation and comicsIn addition to making the action more intenseIn turn, it emphasizes the flat nature of the game in disguise.Eventually when we use pen industry in the world of Great GodWhen switching back and forth between 2D and 3DPlayers don't feel any violations, as if everything should beIt ’s a pity that maybe the player is not used to this new experience of the ship."Great God" has designed the difficulty benchmark from the beginningAnd there are no other difficulty optionsThis makes the challenge much lessAlthough fighting and solving puzzles still can't be rude and need to thinkBut because the difficulty is low, mental stress is actually small, and there are many opportunities for trial and error.This also makes the pen industry's performance too powerfulAs long as you have ink in your stomach, you can discuss everythingIt really fits the old Chinese saying.
Originally there was not much to develop in the Great GodAs a result, it became a priority to upgrade the ink and others.I did n』t even die onceThe resurrection mechanism became a baubleIf the battle of "Great God" can be based on funAdd more stressful pressureMay make this game a bigger classicOf course, different people have different needs for difficulty.At least this is not a work that will be difficult for everyonePlayers who can't play "The Wolf" can easily play this "Wolf"And the experience that Great God brings to players is enough to make us forget these complaintsThe process of playing "Great God" is a kind of enjoymentIt's a wonderful feast of Japanese styleThe pen industry system with a unique game themeIn it we can strongly feel the tolerance and refinement of the game cultureNow it's off to a wonderful enough adventureA group of characters who can support the storyI said at the beginning大 神 pronunciation in Japanese is exactly the same as "wolf"PunCapcom used this very cleverly to design the image of the great godBut our protagonist actually has another more important identityThat's the reincarnation of the AmaterasuAmaterasu can be understood as the sun god of JapanIt is also a very, very important god in Japanese mythology.It is the ancestor of the Emperor of Japan.
So do n』t look at the protagonist like an erhuBut it ’s really a godHowever, the performance of this classmate in the gameBut not as powerful as its nameIt looks like a wolf most of the timeUh . Okay, maybe it ’s more accurate.Anyway, this guy can fall asleep while others talkAs soon as excited, crazy tail indirect nerve barThe expression is unpredictable, and the player can use it to pee at the enemy if he wantsAll in all, a guy with a low brain capacity when looking at itOh by the way, pay attentionAmaterasu is actually a female character in Japanese mythologyThe game also indirectly confirmed this through dialogue. SoHey, hey, that ’s youWe are no longer drivingDesigns that are both sophisticated and mind-threateningNot a case in Great GodThe Great God's Interpretation of Japanese CultureNot only reflected in the highly recognizable artistic styleIts story also deeply integrates Japanese myth and history"God" from the leading role to the supporting role to the enemyTo the framework of the plot has more or less prototypesSome prototypes are more obviousFor example, IzanagiNaruto fans probably have cocoons in their earsThere are also things like "Momotaro", "One-Inch Master", "Bamboo Story""Urashima Taro" comes from more common folk storiesMost of them can be seen at a glanceThere are also some relatively hiddenOr the popularity varies from person to personFor example, one of the guards of the capital's Xi'an Jingmenqian Bridge is "Yanyi".
A figure obsessed with bows and arrowsMany times in the process, you need to use a bow and arrow to solve the puzzle.His prototype is Nasu and OneThis man is a samurai master of bows and arrows under GenjitsuOnce in a confrontation with Heping ’sOne arrow hit the opponent's provocative fanSo in the game, Yu and Yi are always practicing archery.Use its bow and arrow to hit the target to solve the puzzleIn fact, it is the story of this person.Another example is the special people who appeared in the north of the map in the late game.
They correspond to the indigenous Ainu people of northern Japan in ancient times.They believe that nature is more primitive and mysteriousSo the settings in the game are similar to shamans and can be transformed into animal forms.The masks on their faces also refer to the patron saint of the AinuIn this chapter, the village has taken the holy swordOki Kurume, who is trying to save everyone by himselfHe is also a hero in Ainu cultureIf the player does not particularly like Japanese cultureIt may be difficult to get careful design thinkingBy the way, the source Yi Jing is also available in the gameNiu Ruo, the captain of the Yinyang special search teamNiu Ruo is the young name of Yuan Yi JingHis good friend Ji Qing also changed from a Wu Chi to an uncle obsessed with fishingSure enough, fishing is the essence of Japanese games compared to saving the world.Just like the protagonist has multiple identities such as Aizhao Great Imperial Wolf DogMost of the characters in Great God also have some hintEspecially characters with different positioning and prototype in the plotFor example, Niu Ruo has no direct connection with the story of Yuan Yi Jing.
But if he does n』t call Niu Ruo another name,Players 』psychological expectations for this character are completely differentI'm not sure if he will be treated as a villainObviously this has played a very positive role in shaping the characterEspecially when used in gamesThe game ’s worldview changed immediately.In present terms, this is a universe, the universe of Japanese cultureOf course, I want stories and characters to be charmingIt ’s not enough to give the character a nameOtherwise, it ’s too easy to write a script, right?The more we adapt traditional cultureThe more you try to tell the storyIt is not necessary to move the story of Yuan Yijing into the world of "The Great God"But we need to put people's emotionsAnd the values ​​behind him are shown in another formOnly to make these characters resonate with his namePlayers can feel full when they feel the connection storyCan even create a sense of fate across the long river of historyI think this fateIs the core part of this kind of plotTo make better use of fateThe method of "Great God" is to first pull the player's expectations in the opposite direction.First, the characters are intentionally shaped to be completely different from the prototype.
The hero who should have blessed the lives and killed Hachi's serpentIn fact, foreigners are afraid of things.Obviously overwhelmed by the name of the descendants of IzanagiBut because my face is afraid to be angryA brave and upright inch in "Inch Master"In the game, they become gambling and betrayal, but they also love beauty.Paintings of too fast cars hidden at homeUnwilling to fulfill his mission as Prince of HeavenAngrily running away from home, traveling around the country, met the protagonistFollow the player's adventure in order to steal the pen industryBased on Fu Ji and Hakkenshi from "Minami Sato Hachikuden"It should have been a magical and profound cultural workHowever, "Big God" is a big strokeThe "eight dogs" referring to eight people were directly changed to eight dogsThe Eight Dogs themselves are no longer so serious and want to eat meat before they go homeWhat's more terrible is that the human shape of the Eight Dogs was actually designed from the beginning.But Clover decisively abandoned and chose the current route deliberately.
First put the legendary side on the characterUse exaggerated techniques to put the weakness of human nature back on the legendBy contrastOn the one hand, the game can release the hands and feet to adapt the storyPlayers will not fully predict the subsequent development because they are familiar with this storyOn the other hand, the huge contrast has also prepared for the subsequent transformation.Susano's man is delicious and lazy to escape realityBut in my bones I still distinguish between right and wrongDo not dare to act just to fear that you cannot be as perfect as outsiders expectHowever, when his favorite Kiyada Hime was selected as a tribute to the Yaki-chan snakeSuzuno walked into the Temple of the Sixteen Nights with a trembling stepAt this moment his identity and a hundred years ago in the gameIzannaki, the hero who stood up for Izannami, overlapsIt also echoes the real story of the Yaki snake and Susano.Although the eight dogs are described as eight dogsBut it will not disappoint the mantra of the characterThe righteous dog protects Tobe township from the demon as a member of the sparrow groupFighting alone in LingyiRenjin reluctant to step back in front of Spider-GirlHope to use action to teach Umeda what is brave and who is kindLoyal dogs in return for the life-saving grace of the previous generation of loyal dogsChoose to protect your senior's family with a lifetime of loyaltyEight dogs are better than being human though they are not humanOne-inch mage is a character that can better reflect the growth of the entire game.He accompanied players along the way to drive away evil spirits and slay the serpent to challenge Nine TailGhost ship that we will open at nightEntered the human body and also met the legendary dragon palaceIchiao's personality has never changedNever talk about trouble, do n』t like trouble, and discover treasuresUntil the eve of the war, they still only wanted to protect their own interests.
But the lastWhen the Great God loses all his power and is powerless to fight evilAt this most critical moment, a piece of drawing paper slowly falls from the airWhat is depicted on the paper is the most solemn Tianzhao Great God in one inch.There was never a compromise in the whole gameBut at this moment he chose to become the Prince of HeavenHe will use his painting to tell the legend of the Great God to the entire Nakatsu KingdomPeople look at the portraits in their headsEveryone the player has worked through the entire process has helpedHere finally transformed into the power of faithThe light converges and the darkness fades away, and the Emperor Goddess of Light completes his reincarnationAnd one inch finally found his own life goalDestiny of man and godThe story of The Great God revolves around these keywordsI also pieced together my own worldview through these keywordsThe closest God in the game of great gods, but without a god at allBut it never complains about its fatePlayers help humans save nature-fed animalsAnd through these behaviors, Xingyu, who improves the power of the Great God, is obtained.Until the end of the reunificationIn this process, the relationship between man and God is equal.The silly god is as majestic in the eyes of others as the portrait in an inchThe other characters are the opposite of the Great God.
They were supposed to be mortals, but they all carried legendary namesThe weakness of human nature is the burden they can't shake offThe story in the legend is a thought that players can't forgetTheir beliefs are not just for the Great God, but for themselvesWhen these characters find their own morals to overcome human weaknessesWhen they became legendsThey do n』t need to be great gods to be born just as wonderfulI think the reason why the game "Great God" can have such a high reputationAll elements in this game have amazing self-consistent abilityArt serves designThemes spawn stories and sublime gamesThere is no perfect thing in the worldThere is no permanent perfect score in the game worldA prominent highlight is enough to make people like a gameNot to mention the advantages of multiple prominent and nested within each otherI honestly do n』t know this video myselfHave you accurately conveyed the charm of "Great God" to you in front of the screen?Maybe sometimesThe essence of a good game is that you can't fool it with absolute theoryLike what Kamiya Hideki saidHe can't guarantee that he can create works like Great GodBecause the game itself has been in the business for so many yearsThe fusion of those ephemeral ideasHow many times can a person live in such a flash of aura?For Clover Studio, maybe Great GodThe moment they finish their destiny and become a legendSearch for most of the praises on the InternetBut few people have tried to analyze the downturn in sales of "Great God"Attached with a sentence "Applaud or not."However, "Great God" is neither as obscure and dark as "Exotic Requiem"It's not too forward-thinking like the Shenmue.
It's not like the "Taige" positioning the crowd mostly on the PC and rampant piracy"Great God" will not reject people thousands of miles without sacrificing gameplay for the conceptTargeted crowd is a large number of genuine host playersThe reputation of the producer is exploding.There is no "deep alley" problemSo whether you like it or not after the player has actually played itThere should be a lot of people who follow the trend to buy the famous soundThis is strange to those who always like to follow the trendHow can you be so sensible when facing this game?I know this is a very complex multi-factor problemNo one can give a correct answerBut if you do n』t even think about it, you ca n』t justify it.So here I give some thoughts of myselfThese thoughts don't necessarily have an impact on the sales of Great GodBut it exists objectivelyI hope to give some reference to future developersOn the one hand, it can also cause everyone to participate in the debateWhen I talk about "The Great God", what I personally care about mostIts protagonist is not humanThis may sound like nonsenseBut if you think about it, you can see that this case is specialIn fact, Great God last yearAlso get another new Guinness World Record"The most acclaimed game featuring animals as the protagonist"People have a "horror valley" effect on things that look too much like themselvesBut it ’s also repellent for things that do n』t look like themselves at allThis exclusion should be a pet in the toy market.
But in the game, you will not be able to substitute characters, which is troublesome.Don't even recognize the role, even if others applaudIt ’s hard to arouse the desire to buyThat's not right. We love many non-human character games.Elves in Dark Forest of AustriaLittle Mentality in Hollow KnightUltrasound rat confused wolf Kirby Ninja Turtle and so onAre n』t we all human?
We like sales wellThe answer is that these characters are still humanTo be precise, it is anthropomorphic, although it looks not humanBut their behaviors and habits are still human.We will still substitute them as human beingsBut the great god in "The Great God" is different. It is a real canidaeThis gives the player a barrierSo many people do n』t know what the road isIn fact, Clover understands this problemThat ’s why the game is designed to have a characterHe is actually a great translator in the plotBecause the Great God himself cannot speak at allOne-inch words plus dissatisfactionIs actually neutralizing the inhuman nature of the Great GodPlus an inch is like a worm with a big godThere will be a feeling that the great god is talkingSo for those who have actually played Great God,They do n』t feel that the game lacks a sense of substitutionSimilar positive and negative examples we can find a lotEveryone likes Pikachu, right?But Pokemon does not dare to let players play directly PikachuOr other PokémonBut as humans to interact with PokémonBecause the definition of Pokémon is still an animalPlaying animals directly separated by a layerThink about why Detective Pikachu has a way to add voice to Old PikeI think the reason is not just to cater to the market.
Disney's Mickey Mouse Donald Duck Goofy Everyone LovesWill substitute myself into these role-playing themBut hardly anyone plays BrutoBruto, who is Mickey Mouse's pet, the yellow dogWhy would you rather play as a mouse, duck, or even the same dog breedI just do n』t want to play BrutoBecause those mice and ducks are actually humanAnd Bruto is really a dogAs for why mice have intelligence and dogs are still dogsDisney itself can't explainSimilarly, we will substitute ourselves into Sun Wukong Pig BajieBut basically no one will substitute for BailongmaAlthough the white dragon horse can actually become a humanThere is a game series called "Shelter 1 & 2"The toy plays the impersonal weasel and lynx respectivelyThe game evaluation is as high as the cheap price is attractiveBut sales are also very weakThese are the pros and cons of people being unable to substitute for real animalsWe can still find a lotMany IP creators will pay attention to this nowClover has long realized this tabooBut they ca n』t know their response without actually playing the game.I have reason to believe that if we move the image of the Great God closer to humans,Explain in some way that he has the form of a wolfMaybe it can change how ordinary players think about itBut give the clover another chanceWill they really change like thisI don't think soBecause Capcom originally set up this subsidiaryIt ’s to 「make the game more free from the shackles of management」So although Clover has only released "Red Man Joey" and "Great God"The 3 IPs of "Hand of God" were quickly disbanded by KataBut these three games are all personality explosions that cannot be copiedWhether or not business taboos may really matter to themWe humans always say we have to think more about other positionsBut since we are afraid of things like ours,I don't like life unlike oursMore fears may surpass our speciesAfter all we are still so narrowNo way this is usWe can't think that gods generally look at life.Just like we can't support the sales of Great GodIf you agree with me, please give me more positive and negative examples in the message area.If you don't agree, I would like to cite your counter evidenceOf course, I also want to hear more explanations from the sluggish sales of Great GodAnyway don't stop thinkingThis is the only thing we can doWell finally try new ways to talk about buying suggestionsWe changed the name to purchase driverThat is, I will say the point of this game to drive players to buyBut is this focus suitable for you?
Can you GETIt depends on the audience ’s own thinking.Core experience of the first dimension gameThe game "Great God" is already an old gameSo the picture cannot be so goodBut its style of painting is very unique.And its core experience is in this unique style of ink paintingExperience Japanese mythical historical stories and get the feeling of washing the mindI have a tendency to drink chicken soup.The whole game is very well shaped for this experience.
The only regret is that the pressure is not enough.But fortunately the whole does not break the core of this experienceThe perception of the second-dimensional experienceHey, in this respect, "The Great God" is not very good.Prevent the cultural protagonist from being too elaborateAnd no obstacles like ChineseThe barrier to understanding this core experience is relatively highOr can't appreciate this styleEither more people can't get this feeling at allThis is also very worth thinking aboutMavericks are indeed a selling point but if Qu Gao and WidoIs it counterproductive?The balance between the public and the art is really difficultOkay, GAMKER is with you.
I'm Nie Jun. See you on E3 live.


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