(Where are they?) One fine day at a BAR in SeoulWOOZIMINGYU(What’s going on) Boys coming in one by oneSEUNGKWANDKJEONGHANDINOWONWOOJOSHUAVERNONS.COUPSJUNTHE 8HOSHIWelcome tothe 4th anniversary cocktail party!Let’s say hello first.
Say the name seventeen!Hello we』re SEVENTEEN!Did you all get the invitation?I was surprised to get a handwritten invitation in this digitized worldIt’s already been 4 years since our debutWe made our debut when the half of us were adults and the other half weren』tBut we』re all adults nowToday is such a meaningful daySince today is our 4th anniversary,all eyes on himI think it would be nice for us to open our hearts and talk about each otherPlease don』t ruin the invitation when you talk, SeungkwanOur 3rd anniversary seems like yesterday but it’s already been a yearWe wondered what we should do on our 4th anniversaryand we thought it would be nice to do something differentso here we are right nowShall we begin the 4th anniversary party?
There are many different kinds of cocktails hereSo I made this 『Cocktail Taste Chart』 so you can choosethe cocktail that you wantOh, did you really make this?Shame on youIf you choose something wrong, you have to eat something badBut are we choosing for the others?Choose the one that he would like to haveOr you can choose what you want him to haveYou can choose the taste, color and even the amount alcohol it should haveI think the amount of alcohol is chosen at randomChoose what the boy on the chart would like to haveShall we begin?I』ll make it deliciousI chose the fruit that looks like WooziWoozi the PeachChose pink for Woozi’s debut hair and chose 5 for Bitterness?
(feeling bad) Bye bye WooziCan I spill it on the ground?I chose JeonghanPeach for the fruit, pink for the colorand Sweetness 4, Sourness 3, Bitterness 1I chose Jun and orange for both fruit and colorSurprise~~I chose Joshua and for fruits, I chose pineapple and limeI thought Dino would like lime and lemonand the color blueSweetness 3, Sourness 3, Bitterness 4The youngest is a good drinkerSweetness 4, Sourness 2, Bitterness 1, and 3rd one for the alcoholChose blue for the color, Sweetness 4, Sourness 3 and Bitterness 1I chose peach for HoshiLucky-Peach-HoshiHe’s so smartBlue for Hoshi’s mind as wide as the oceanI chose MingyuSweetness 1.5?(can』t believe he chose that)I chose SeungkwanI thought it would be nice to mix apple and lemon♥Love you, DK♥Cute Seungkwan chose~I want more duet songs(pressure) Make it quick, WooziI』m waiting♥Aren』t you two friends? You look like you』re trying to be friends with himThat’s how much I like himmore than you, DinoI felt like he doesn』t look that cuteI felt like he doesn』t look that cuteAnd I chose blue because DK likes fancy colors[showing off] My blanket is blueYou』re wearing blue tooI thought 5 would be too sweetAnd I added a touch of sournessI chose The 8He likes melonsHow do you know that?
I just knew that he liked melonsAnd I chose 5 for SweetnessSourness 3, Bitterness 1, and the last one for the alcoholI chose apple for no reasonS.COUPS is from Daegu and isn』t Daegu also known as the Apple City?Oh~ You』re smartJun even thought of what Daegu is famous forHe knew but didn』t show offWe each have one but I don』t think we should start drinkingSince we invited CARAT here, we』ll make a cocktail for CARATWho’s gonna make the CARAT cocktail?The cocktail that tastes the best among our cocktailswill be selected as the CARAT cocktailWhat do you think of CARAT, SEVENTEEN?
You mean what kind of cocktail would be nice for CARAT?Something fresh would be niceSomething lovely would be nice tooHow about something energeticRefreshing♥Because the relationship between CARAT and SEVENTEEN is full of energy,if the cocktail is a little smoother,I think it will give you a twistBefore we started filming this,we asked who would like to make his own cocktailSo the ones who will make the cocktails areHoshi, Mingyu, Dino and JeonghanI want to start making the CARAT cocktail so can we start now?Since all of us are here,let’s make a cocktail for our CARATBefore we start, this is our first time to make cocktailsSo we invited two teachers who could teach us how to make itThank you in advanceWe will learn from him, and you two will learn from himI』m so excited(you should be) Don』t be surprisedBusy practicing, busy workingWhy don』t we choose who made the best one?Then why don』t you pose with the glass in one handYou wanna know what cocktail is?
(cringey) Come here thenTo where?Next, Mingyu, ACTION!Do you know the color Rose Quartz and Serenity?I have both of them in hereCheers★This decoration on top looks a bit lonelyIt looks like it’s gonna fall but it didn』tJust like this (sentimental)Happiness to you(repeat) Happiness to youWhat’s up with your pinky finger?
This pinky finger will hold the cup so it doesn』t get shakyLet me hold youso you don』t get shakyBoys going crazy!I didn』t learn how to make thisDo you know what’s inside?Two flowersOne for SEVENTEEN, one for CARATMay we be happyYEAH~~ It’s his lonely battle(spreading happiness) Happiness to youOkay please let us voteIf you liked my cocktail, please scream for meLove you, Wonwoo♥Cheers, everyoneHappiness to youBoys going crazy!I』ll be there for youComforting him (it’s okay♡)Your cocktail will be given to CARAT so please say something to themI』m very happy that I can givethis emotional cocktail full of happinessto our CARATHappiness to youLet’s say thank you to our teachers who helped us out todayThe drinks that we chose on the chart are in front of youI feel like we』re doing a lot of things on this deskIt’s time to have this cocktailTime to have a nice chatWhat is it called, Wonwoo?
Cocktail Party TMI Tag questions are ready for youYeah, we will be asking TMI to each otherHave this cocktail in front of youYou can try each other’s cocktails if you would likeThen why don』t we start with a toast?Hoshi should say somethingFill the glass with friendship, three, two, oneCheers★Hoshi came up with an idea for today’s TMI talkLet’s not laugh at allNot laugh at all?So we shouldn』t laugh at all during TMI Tag?Let’s start with a big laughWhen you were a studentwhat clubs did you joinI was a vocal member of a Group Sound BandI joinedCross Stitch Club(can』t believe) You doing cross stitchSoft tofu for me… *Korean pun*Next question, pleaseWhere did you go on a school field tripLet me start, I came to SeoulI went to Jeju IslandI went to Jeju Island too, HallasanI』m from Jeju Island so we usually go on a field trip to SeoulSpent all day in an amusement parkand visited COEXName the kindergarten that you graduatedand the classroom~I don』t remember the name of the kindergarten classroombut the names of the elementary school classroom were unique『Mi』 class in 1st grade『Ye』 class in 2nd grade『Seon』 class in 3rd grade, 『Jin』 class in 4th gradeHow about you, DK?
Instant rice? *Korean pun*That might be possible thoughWhat kind of sports did you play during the Field Day?Me, I was a good runnerI ran for 3000mWow, 3000m?One lap was 300m but I had to run 10 timesHe ran and I was a pigeon *pun joke*What kind of classes did you take when you were youngI took Muay Thai lessonsHey, isn』t speed the most important thing in Muay Thai?
You have to be quickI have one, I took golf lessonsThis is how you grip a golf clubJoshua’s Golf Swing GuideNice shot♡What would you major in college if you didn』t become a celebrityI』m majoring in Advertising and Public Relations soI want to major in DesignReporters interview people, right?I think it would be fun to interview peopleVernon wants to be a reporterLet’s talk about TMI of our daily habitsLike about sleeping habits?Hoshi snored a lot during this promotionHe must have been very tired because his snore got worse(copying his snore)Hey!King of Overreaction[making fun of Hoshi the tiger] Never wake a sleeping tigerLet me talk about JoshuaKing of OverreactionNo he doesn』t sleep like thatThat’s not itDK taking one step furtherOur youngest Dino can drop the honorifics to whoI think none of them cares if I talk down to themBut there’s this person who is easy for me to drop the honorificsThe youngest is the bestHey that’s just being mean (lol)I think I talk like that to everybodyI sometimes drop the honorificsGuess you didn』t notice because you were sleeping?
Good night~ Sleep tight~It’s time to wrap up SEVENTEEN’s TMI TagI think we had a lot of fun talking about many thingsI think it was fun to chat with pretty cocktailsCheers, everyone?Fill the glass with friendship, three, two, oneCheers★Do you know what’s in front of you?What is this?This is the number of albumsthat we』ve released over the past 4 years until nowWhat you have in front of you is the album coverWe released 13 albums over the past 4 years,and it matches the number of people in SEVENTEENI feel like we were destined to do thisWe』ve been working hard until nowso there must be some episodes you would like to share about the albumShall we start with the first album?
Okay, our first debut albumThe first album released by the group SEVENTEENShall we say it out loud?You know how we get to look at our album before it’s officially releasedI still remember the day when we heardthat our album came out during the practiceSo all of us looked through the albumAnd we were told that our album will look like origamiLike one version here and another version there willbecome one origami when they』re togetherAnd we were like, 『Wow~ that’s awesome!』I didn』t know our album itself would be origami!We were filming SEVENTEEN PROJECT back thenOh rightI forgot about the PROJECTDebut Big PlanWe didn』t know the exact date of our album release even after that was overAnd at the dinner party, we were told thatwe will make our debut next week and stuffand we were like 『Oh my gosh』Up next is our 2nd Mini AlbumDidn』t Dino get the nickname 『Dino the Pinking shears』 from this album?
I was going to talk about this after Jeonghan butI never cut my hair short after this albumWe were going through the process of stylingMust have my back hair longI think we kept changing our choreography until MANSAELike pumping differently and stuff?!I was so happy to perform MANSAE in Hong KongThat performance was niceNow to single album, Digital SingleDidn』t expect Q&A!I was expecting 『LOVE & LETTER』Actually I kind of forgot about that song butit came to our mind because we were able to perform that songWhy don』t we move on?
Next is our 1st Full Studio Album, LOVE & LETTERWe filmed the album cover at this beautiful house in Jeju Island which made me go,Wow I would love to live in a place like this』We made many 『firsts』 during this albumIt has been less than a year after we made our debutbut we released a full studio albumCARAT say that this is a masterpieceThis album is full of good songsAnd we won #1 for the first timeIsn』t this the first album that we started to upload Highlight Medley?We started uploading way before thisThe highlight melody of this album was especially touchingThat’s why you thought this was the beginning of medleyNext is the Repackage AlbumWe perform this song at the last minute of our concertSo this is the song that parents of CARAT dislike the mostVERY NICE is heard a lot on TV latelyEven at the Baseball stadiumsI think this is the music that I hear the most at the Baseball stadiumsWhen we heard the guide version of VERY NICE,all of us were like, 『This song will be a hit』VERY NICE was created earlier than Pretty UTo the next album?for the first time on a non-cable channelfor the first time in Music BankWe filmed the music video in some kind of runway and it was justI』ve never felt colder than that day…Never will!I personally think this is a true masterpieceEven the album cover looks differentYou know that’s not the ring we』re wearing right now?
Didn』t we change the ring once during that time?We』ve been performing songs with bright and energetic mood until thenbut the mood changed a little bit so we wanted to do this really wellsaying, 『This album is very important to us, starting from BOOM BOOM, everything is important』(to all of them) This album helped them mentally and emotionallyBack then, Hoshi was like, 『I think this will be a hit』It became a hit and for the first time ever,SEVENTEEN’s M/V hits 100M views!There’s our music videoI can never forget the beautiful weather of LA back thenMiss those days.Next album is, TEEN, AGEWe made so many different music videos for this 2nd full studio albumWe made 5 different music videosI can』t believe we did thatAnd they were filmed nationwide(?
)[oops] No, worldwide, worldwideI think this is one of the albums we worked especially hard onWe were able to get closer to our fans..Since this was our special album after CLAP,I was expecting something easier but it was even harderI remember The 8 was sick during that timeand I came back with this albumHe couldn』t perform with us during the year-end award ceremonies after TEEN, AGEbut he came back with this album the following yearDidn』t Mingyu become MC of Inkigayo?It was DK and Vernon’s birthday when we performed at Inkigayo with that songand I made my debut as MC of Inkigayo the same daySEVENTEEN’s first unit albumI was MC of Inkigayo and the unit members came for the promotionMingyu felt so weird not to perform with themWe thought we were pathetic to watch you guys at homeWe would love to release a new songWhen can it be?
Can you do it for us?We can』t skip blowing out candlesfor our 4th anniversary, right?Shall we sing the Happy Birthday song together?Happy birthday to you~Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~Happy birthday dear SEVENTEEN♥Happy birthday to you♥1462 days after SEVENTEEN’s debut!
We slept so many nightsI think this should be mentioned as one of the most energetic songs of SEVENTEENOf courseThe song is very exciting and the choreography is very powerfulI heard that our fans worry about us dancing to this songbecause of the powerful choreographyWe should say not to worry about us butplease worry about us T_TPlease worry about usAnother bright mood albumUntil then, we tried our best to make different genres of musicbut for that album, we picked summer songsI remember how our fans screamed after watchingthe trailer of us tossing the flower at the concertHow happy would CARAT be to watch our comeback trailerafter the concert?Hoshi was like, 「Let’s make a hit!!」『Getting Closer』 was released after 『Oh My!
』Next is, YOU MADE MY DAWN『Home』 is the latest song that we releasedand we have so many episodes to shareFirst of all, we won #1 10 timesWe talked about how we won #1 for the first time herebut now we』re talking about how we won #1 10 timesSo amazingWe won #1 on all of the music shows during our 1st week of comebackWe won triple crown on M COUNTDOWN, 3 weeks in a rowMusic Bank tooMusic Bank too?Oh right, we won triple crown at Music BankWe didn』t get to perform but we won #1We had to go abroad for another concertand when we arrived at the airport, everyone congratulated us for winning #1I like the connection between this album and the previous albumWe need a new start after 『YOU MADE MY DAWN』This video will be uploaded on May 26thbut this album will be released on May 29thOur 1st Japanese single albumWe didn』t get to watch the music video of this songand I』m so excited to see the final versionAnd as I look through these, I want to know what will come nextWe made half of the square for today but I think it would be niceto make a perfect square and introduce the history of our album later onLet’s play a card game with thisWe』ve been talking about our albums that we releasedand I think it’s time for us to share any thoughts or comments aboutthe things like the happiest moment or something like thisthat happened in the past 4 yearsEvery moment was preciousand it’s very meaningful that we』ve come so farIt feels real that we』ve worked hard for 4 yearsI』m so grateful that we』re here to celebrateour 4th anniversary togetherI』m happy to talk about the history of our albumsWe should wrap up by thinking aboutwhat kind of albums SEVENTEEN will release andwhat SEVENTEEN will do nextLet’s be happier in the futureThree, two, one~Three, two, one~ CheersWe wrote a message to each other before we started filmingWell, I have the message boardthat was written to Dino「Dino! Stop coming to my room」Whose room does Dino often go to?「Dino!
You should drink less」[feels bitter] Thank you for taking care of my healthI have Mingyu’s「I didn』t like how you tried to joke around with meSo keep in mind that I won』t be that nice to you when someone reads this」「Hi Seungkwan, who I just had a fight, it’s me」I have Vernon’s message board!Vernon couldn』t participate in our schedule due to his personal issueand I guess someone really wanted to thank him「Thanks to you, I had another day of practice, TAL"And someone drew an arrow underneath, saying, 「Right」「I』m so glad and happy to I have you, my 218 bro」[Of course] DK wrote this「Stop touching your hair, stop touching your face…」「Do something with your good-looking face」But I wrote like this at the top「Don』t talk like that, he’s doing his best」I have DK’s「I』m kind of worried that you look tired these days; but I believe you』ll do well」「DK, you』re the sweetest person in the whole world, fighting!」「You』re an amazing person; your hard work will pay off」[give and take] 218 broI have Jeonghan’sOur angel, thank you always」 and..
[read it for me] I can』t read your handwriting at allDear Jun「CARAT now knows that you』re the funniest and the dumbest among us」You』re amazing and I hope you become a better personand lastly, stop joking around「Stop joking around, Jun」 222Everyone wrote that lolEveryone wrote briefly to Woozi「Thx for working out with me」「You』re like a shield of our team; Please protect us from the pain that we have to facelike you did until now, heart, heart」「The vitamin of our team, I』m glad we have you; Hope you always smile, Seungkwan」「Hey, Seungkwan! I like you quite a lotIt’s good to see you on entertainment showsWish you all the best[shocking twist] But that’s it for you! You』re done!"[it was me] That’s it for you!
You』re done!「You said you don』t like ramen, but I saw you ordering one on the airplane」Can』t hide his faceI eat everything these days「Surprise~ JoshuaI feel comfortable when I』m with you all the timeLet’s laugh and have fun; Love you; Surprise~」Who wrote thatIt was me!He read what he wrote?[who is this?
] He wrote in EnglishIt’s definitely MingyuYeah it was me♥Dear S.COUPS~[out of nowhere] 「You were in my dreams」Thanks for sharing, Woozi「I like your silver hair」[gotcha] You wrote this?[of course] Yeah, you look nice「Our leader, you must be suffering from many thingsI think that’s why you』re our leader; Take care of yourself and thank you in advance」Dear Wonwoo「Shocked to see you not playing games」2 syllable poemWON: WonwooWOO: Woooooo~[it was me] You should say it like, Wonwoo, woo~~[gotcha!] Did you write this?
Yup lol「Wonwoo, I』ll be honest with you because you don』t know who I am[seriously] Stop with your lames jokes just a little bit」「Wonwoo, you』re funny? NOT」Well I thought he’s.. funny these daysLastly, Dear HoshiOnly the good things are written here[good thing 1] 「I like how your bed is cozy」[good thing 2] 「When I first saw you, I thought you were crazy.
.」「Thank you in advance; I LOVE YOU…♥」We heard what we had to say to each otherLet’s celebrate our 4th anniversary togetherEven though we don』t have a real glass butwhy don』t we fill this invisible glass with eternity and say cheers?SEVENTEEN FOREVER♥For the Cocktail Challenge, you have to pour the cocktailand make Rose Quartz and Serenity colorsYou only get one chancevMaking clear colors of Rose Quartz and Serenity is important![Dividing teams for the Cocktail Challenge]Team Rose Quartz : S.
COUPS, JUN, HOSHI, THE 8, MINGYU, VERNON, DINO Team Serenity : JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, WONWOO, WOOZI, DK, SEUNGKWANJun representing Team Rose QuartzStart!Team Rose Quartz filled the glass with the color of rose quartzIt looks like a sports drink at the endWoozi representing Team Serenity(doing well)It’s been 4 years since we made our debutWe』ve been together for almost 10 yearsif we start from our middle school daysI hope we』ll always be friends like thisPlease always be there for us, CARAT♥Cheers★

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