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Hello I'm XiaoruiVery excited todayBecause I finally want to use itWhitening your teeth ~~~I'm so happyActually I have used other ways to whiten my teeth beforeIt's a bit like cold light whiteningBut it's cheapOne or two thousand at a timeGo to that place at firstPaint something and shineIt will be full in a short timeAbout four or five white levelsI went twiceThe first time is seven white levelsMany factors in betweenSo I went there a second timeThe second time did not return the original colorBack off about three or four levelsAnd then do another five levelsBut i thinkBut because I 』m too longAnd I do n』t think it ’s a regular monthly or two or three weeklyIts effect will always go backwardsIf you want two or three weeks or even a monthWould cost one or two thousand or two thousandTo whiten your teethI feelIt hurts a little bitIt's a sum of money after allThis may add up to one or two thousand a year.TerribleThen this is recommended by too many peopleBecause I used to wear bracesAfter wearing the braces, the teeth will really become a bit yellowerIf you wear bracesDrink a drink, drink coffee, or eat something heavier in curryIt ’s really full of yellow.Then my teeth are actually full of yellowIf you apply a brighter lipstick, it will be more obviousThen my teeth are probably in this conditionStill full of yellowMy special situation is a little unevenThe middle of the incisors will be a bit yellowerEveryone really says it worksAnd the price is actually cheapHurry up and try it outLooks like thisOpen itBecause I bought itSo a bit pressedBut i don't think it's okayThe contents are not badIt looks like thisOne side is the manualPatch on one sideManualThe patches are piece by pieceI have 40 tablets in this bagI crawled a bitMeans if yourIf your teeth are more sensitive,Not recommended for daily useMay be used a week or two, or every 2.3 daysOf course, it depends on the situation of personal use.Even if it's not sensitive teethIf you still use it every day,To extend the interval, do not use it every dayAbout 2.3 days and 3.4 daysBecause for the first time todayI will use it every dayWhere can I see my teeth?
If it hurts for the second day in a rowI might try again a few days apartThen let's post it first!Let's open himTear it up firstOpen it like thisTwo rowsThe longer one is the aboveThe shorter one is the followingJust like thisTear it off firstTear it off like thisJust a stickerTo postThen we start counting 30 minutesLet me talk about feelings firstBut i speak nowHe always has the smell of medicine running outI think their suggestion isYou can spit it out if you have a lot of salivaDon't swallow him all30 minutes have passed ~Let's take a look at him firstHe will produce a lot of thingsAlways secretes salivaI think it ’s okay laterSo I just swallowed it without vomiting itIt's troublesome to throw up all the timeThen we will tear it firstReady toilet paperTear it down firstStill stickyTeared off !!Then there will be glue on itI clear it firstIs there any difference?
CloserI don't feel anythingThen put the contrast next to itThere will be differencesThen keep watchingThen I 』m going to try it todayLet me tell you how I feel for two daysI have no pain or sensitivity when I use itBut in the morning of the third day after I used it twiceMy teeth are sore from morning till noonIs very sensitiveWill always feel soreIt wo n』t hurt, it ’s sourHave bracesMuch like just tightening the threadFeeling tightI think it's sensitiveA little soreNot better until after noonDepends on how everyone feelsI wonder if I used too much gum yesterdaySo a bit irritatingI 』ll stick it down today, do n』t use gumsIf it still hurts tomorrowI want to see if there is another wayOr do n』t use it every dayBut I still tend to use it better every dayLower it today, don't use gumsLet's postNormal teeth are sensitive to eating iceI wanted to say that I can use it every day and I do n』t feel itI was very proud and happyI don't think the teeth feel too muchTake a pictureStill a little yellowI posted it a little too yesterdayThe whole gums areThen be nice this timeLowerDon't touch too much gumThen wrap it upSee if it hurtsI think the potion is very heavy when it is stickyIt ’s almost like swallowing potionsDon't make it too highBut it ’s wastefulDid you find that it ’s actually full?So I should use it tomorrowMany people use half-cutJust stick the outer layerThis is also more provincialIs the outer layerIt's crazy to drool againThat medicine is bitterSee you in 30 minutes ~After 30 minutesCome and tear him firstthis timeTear it up like thisThere will be glue left on the teethGet rid of the residueI 』ll show it to you before I use itIs there any difference?I put the contrast next to itPersonally think it will be a whileNot much feelingMaybe it was too serious and too yellowI hope I do n』t feel sore tomorrowI try not to stick it to my gums todayHope tomorrow will not be sourI set the first stage for a weekLet ’s see if there is any obvious whitening.I do n』t seem to be on the third day todaySome should also be psychologicalHope for good results ~If nothing has happened in these two daysI may take photos as I did yesterdayBecause today I feel a little soreI want to talk to youIf it ’s not a big problem,I may update it on the fifth and sixth dayI will update the effect for you after a weekRest earlyHi ~ Fourth time using teeth whiteningDoes not feel much after three consecutive usesTake a lookActually, the camera is quite whiteBut i tell youActually it doesn't look very whiteLimited effectStill yellowA friend suggested that I use it after brushing my teethThe effect will be betterSo i have brushed my teethTry it today after brushing your teeth.
Will it hurt tomorrow?I did not stick it to my gum yesterdayI wo n』t be sore todaySo it must be too much gumDo not use gums when usingTry cutting it in half todayI tend to post a few timesSo that he can maintainEffect can be betterBecause you ca n』t use too much gumThere are many reflexesFeel a bit wastefulLet's try cutting halfPeople with longer teeth need to considerBecause my teeth are also longDon't know enoughLook firstThere is a little placeTry it firstOne will become thinnerSeems to be a bit crookedLike my front teeth are fullIf cut in half, the front teeth will be longerThe upper part will not stickDoesn't seem to be able to tear halfTry it todayEverything else is just the incisor.The bottom row should be full of okThe bottom row is widerThere is still a place to foldThe advantage of cutting in half is that there is no place to use the gumsWhether it is reflexed or not at allAlthough I didn't post it before, it should be ok to laughLess likely to show upSee you in 30 minutes30 minutes ~ I'll tear it offJust waited 30 minutesIt's 11 o'clock nowWait until I fall asleep so tiredI found that I cut it in half todayNo gums used at allThere are really poor potionsSaliva does not secrete all the timeI do n』t need to drool at all todayI feel goodIt should be cut in half afterwardsLook in the mirror firstSad person really feels goodIt may take me a little longer to be effectiveThe doctor saidThis is actually bornIt is natural that the teeth can be whiteSame as skin toneSome people can go to a very realmJust like white in Europe and AmericaBut oriental teeth are yellowishSome people ca n』t get to the whitestHis white is also a bit yellowMy effect is not very goodI will continue to post itUpdate tomorrowToday is the eighth day (correction: it is actually the tenth day, there is no photo record for 8.9 days)Just to summarize the experience of a weekI currently use this whitening patchI have a contrast photoYou can see the photo next to meThe first day was obviously yellow.The more troublesome problem isPigment unevenness in front teethI can use it to see photosIn fact, the whole is much brighterAnd a little unevenness in the front teeth can be improvedI have n』t used it yetYou can see the difference between the first day and 10 days laterIt really works.
It can be white 2-3 levels in a weekBecause i watch every daySo my previous videoThey said I did n』t think it worked or was okay.But it ’s actually bad to take picturesBut it should be because I watch it every day so I do n』t feel itNot muchBut a contrast photoI was surprisedCan be seenIt was said earlier that teeth are bornSome people can be white, others are a little yellowI am a little yellower myselfSo the whitening effect is not so goodI see many friends use thisThe effect comes out within one monthAnd it ’s very whiteMany people also said that it was obvious that it was white.So I suggest everyone to try itBut people like me who are born more yellowIt's okay ~We can brighten our teethAt least better than no pasteTreated as weekday maintenanceAfter sticking to the brightness you wantOnce a week like maintenanceOr twice a weekMaintain the color of the teethDon't keep yellow as routine maintenanceI want to see to what extent my teeth are whitestBecause I only use it for eight daysIt ’s not as fast as othersSo I will run out of 40 tabletsUpdate the experience and treatment records of the whole box directly to everyoneAt that time, the po photo was full of people wondering about its effectivenessSo let ’s update it for a week.First briefly summarize the experienceNo discomfort at allOnly one day, as mentioned earlier, accidentallyIt ’s sore because it sticks to too many gumsBut then cut it in half and it was okIt's normalA lot of potions will come out at the beginningBut later discoveredCut half of the sticker without drooling at allPretty goodThen I posted it and think it ’s ok every dayUnless the teeth are sore todayContinuous acid for two or three daysJust rest for a whileIt means that the teeth cannot standBut if you do n』t feel uncomfortable every dayIt means the teeth are pretty goodYou can continue to postIt ’s actually fastI usually use a maskBecause the mask is 20 minutes and 30 minutesAfter brushing, you can pull out your teeth and sleep.
No effect in the first three daysA friend suggested that I use it after brushing my teethMay be badI don't know what the psychological effect isI later discovered that it was written on the manualNot for use after brushing your teethMay be afraid that you are sensitive or hurt the francBut I use it without any discomfortMaybe it ’s not attached to the gumsSimply on the surface of the teethOr other reasonsEveryone ’s condition will react differently according to the teethThe most secure is to try it for yourselfAccording to the condition and sensitivity of the teethTo adjust the method usedYou'll find the way that suits you bestThe above is the experience of using whitening tooth paste this weekHope you will like itDo n』t forget to subscribe to my channel too!See you next time


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