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Hello everyone Hello大家好Welcome to the fourth episode of Jewellery Box Mystery 歡迎大家觀看神秘珠寶盒的第四期視頻I'm Wang Bing 我是王兵The topic that I'm going to bring to you today is 今天我給大家帶來的話題是How to wear sapphire jewellery 藍寶石搭配In my Jewellery Design series 這個是我珠寶設計系列this is the first episode of Personalization 個性化欄目的第一期In my first Youtube video 我在第一期視頻How to buy a sapphire 藍寶石怎麼買里I covered the topic of sapphire color and value 介紹了藍寶石顏色和價值的話題In today's episode 在今天這一期視頻里Based on my personal design style and experience 我以我個人的設計風格和經驗I picked a few 手選了一些in my opinion, typical and proper sapphire pairing 我認為典型和恰當的藍寶石搭配Across the entire video I also talked about 中間還貫穿了一些some important design concepts 重要的設計理念And you'll see that in my talk 大家會發現我講搭配Brand names are not mentioned at all 完全不會提到品牌的名字At the end of this video you will find 看完這一期大家可以了解the different approach I have compared to others 我與其他眾多」搭配小常識「的區別Because time is limited 由於時間有限I'm going to do two episodes today and next Thursday 我會在今天和下星期四分兩期講Classic style always gives a sense of nostalgia and romance 古典款式總是給人一種懷舊浪漫的感覺It's usually set in the natural world of plants and animals 通常會以自然界的花草動物為背景Primitive simplicity 手法古樸Delicate and exquisite 精緻細膩So the natural beauty of the classical style is particularly strong 所以古典款式的自然美感特彆強Like the sweet girl next door, she is tender and learned 像我們平時說的小家碧玉溫柔又有內涵That's the experience of classical beauty 古典美就是這樣的體驗The classical style is a more general concept 古典款式是一個比較籠統的概念When was the classical antiquity 古典到底古到什麼時候I'm talking about the jewelry industry in the past 我這裏講的主要就是過去珠寶業300 years of booming development 蓬勃發展的三百年Just like oil paintings, sculptures 跟油畫雕塑Architecture and fashion 建築服裝一樣some historical pieces were produced in this period of time 其間出現了一些歷史性的藝術品According to the eras classical style 古典款式根據時代can be subdivided into different styles 還可以細分出很多不同的風格Please join me in the future videos to review all of them 請大家跟我在以後的視頻慢慢地暢遊Today is only a touch to the surface level 今天是蜻蜓點水Just to give you a sense of the difference between the major styles 給大家感受一下幾個主要風格的區別This sapphire ring 這款藍寶石戒指is particularly suited to this traditional wedding 指特別適合這種傳統的婚禮There is no age limit for this style 這款式不會有年齡限制You can go from youth to old age 可以從年輕一直戴到年老this style suits the sweet and gentle type 適合甜美溫柔型的女性There's also no limit to what you can wear 可以搭配的衣服也沒什麼限制casual wear or formal wear are all suitable 隨意和正規都可以This style has a very strong art deco flavor 這款式有很強烈的art deco氣息The main feature of art deco is the obvious geometric shapes art deco的主要特點就是顯著的幾何形狀It matches well with this black geometric lace top 跟這件鏤空幾何形狀的黑色上裝很搭Blue sapphire usually a little dark in colour 藍寶石顏色比較暗Not suitable for heavy black 不適合厚重的黑色Even if it's black, like this top 如果配黑色也要像這件It's better to have some skin exposure 最好可以漏一些皮膚so to relief some heaviness 減輕沉重感This dark blue long dress 這件深藍色長袖長裙of thick winter fabrics 厚面料的秋冬裝plus the darker skin 加上皮膚比較黑better to go with a pierced or more white diamonds 就需要搭配鏤空或者白鑽比例大的brooch or pendant 胸針或者是吊墜Hollow design is one of the main features of the classical style 鏤空設計是古典款式的主要特點之一This dress is also dark blue 這件衣服也是深藍色Thick fabric 厚面料Some of the exquisite decorations of the classical style 古典款式的一些精巧裝飾can increase the lightness 可以增加輕快感This pair of earrings have delicate little flowers and leaves 這款耳環有很精緻的小花和葉子It's a perfect fit for a lace top 相當適合有蕾絲的上裝Now you are watching what I talked about in the last video 大家現在看到的就是我上一期講的the classic Toi et Moi style Toi et Moi的經典款式a beautiful ring 很漂亮的一枚戒指And if you look at the suit on the right 大家看一下搭配右邊的這套衣服This ring brought out an inner elegance of the wearer 大家風範淋漓盡致So jewelry is the finishing touch 所以說帶珠寶首飾就等於畫龍點睛A proper attire 一個人衣服穿的好makes comfort on the eye 別人看上去會覺得很舒服with a ring like this on the finger 手上再帶着一枚這樣的戒指It's a whole new level 就更加是一個全新的層次The most important thing is 最重要的是many elegant jewelry 很多款式高雅的珠寶don't necessarily have an unaffordable price 並不見得有望塵莫及的價位Choose the style that suits you first 先選擇適合自己氣質的款式then choose a size of the stone according to your budget 然後根據預算選擇石頭的大小I'm not a contemporary designer 我自己不是現代風格的設計師But every time I see a modern design 但是我每次看到現代風格的設計The first feeling is that 「Wow」 第一感覺就是哇塞Modern style is always a good fit for cool women 現代風格總是適合一些酷酷的女性They are usually confident 他們通常自信Like to be different 喜歡與眾不同and have an inner attitude 通常骨子裏帶有一種態度Extroverted, expressive and infectious 外向表現力和感染力強reflected on jewelry, they tend to be 體現在珠寶上就趨向於bigger pieces, with angles or contrasting colors 大件有菱角和顏色對比強烈的設計Sapphire is an ideal gemstone for minimalist design 藍寶石特別適合簡約風格的設計It's dark and less reflective. it's not dazzling like diamonds 顏色深,折光度低,沒有眼花繚亂的艷麗And minimalist style can shift focus 而簡約風格又可以把人們的眼光back to the charm of the gem itself 轉向寶石本身的魅力In the way of cutting 在切割方式上minimalist design is usually adopted 簡約風格通常是採納Emerald cut or step cut emerald cut或者是step cutor cabochons. 還有就是cabochon, 蛋面切Minimalist style is more than a monochromatic look 簡約風格不僅僅是搭配單一色調的裝束So simple 這麼簡單Personal living environment 個人的生活環境Way of life 生活方式Faith and so on 信仰等等played an important role in choosing a style 在選擇搭配風格上特別重要This sapphire ring is expensive, deep and simple. 這隻藍寶石戒指即貴重深邃又簡單古樸It's like there's a legend behind it 好像背後有一個傳奇的故事I feel her temperament just like Audrey Hepburn.
我感覺她的氣質跟奧黛麗赫本一樣是的Every piece of jewelry needs to have a temperament. 每一件珠寶都需要有一種氣質This sapphire ring has simple design 這款藍寶石戒指簡約設計The quality of the stone is great 寶石顏色質量都好it is especially suited classic women 尤其適合高雅大方型人群If I need a word to describe how I feel about this sapphire ring 用一個詞來形容我對這隻藍寶石戒指的感受That is, Adore 就是adoreAdmiration or affection 羨慕或者是愛慕She's very simple straight lined 她很簡單直線條But she's not for the casually style, nor the fancy style 但是她不適合隨意型也不適合華麗型It seems that neither of these two has been able to match properly. 好像這兩款都沒有可以鎮住她的氣場So now let's see who has this super power? 那現在看一看誰有這樣的氣場呢?
What do you think? 你們覺得怎麼樣?So choosing jewellery to fit your outfit, temperament, 所以選擇珠寶適合你的穿着, 氣質,Age, occupation, occasion 年齡,職業,場合really isn't easy 是真的不容易But once you find it, she can be your voice 但是一旦找到,她完全可以成為你的代言What does this mean? 什麼意思?
It means people can tell what you are like from your ring. 別人可以從你的戒指上體會到你是一個什麼樣的人It's that simple! 就這麼簡單!Dainty sapphire jewelry is especially good for 小巧型的藍寶石珠寶特別適合Soft and light fabric 顏色柔和和輕軟的面料Like this lattice ring with small blue sapphires 像這個有小小深色藍寶石裝飾的鏤空戒指definitely the first choice for this dark blue and baby pink casual dress.
可算是這一身深藍色加嫩粉休閒裙裝的首選Blue butterfly necklace and blue hollow earrings 藍色小蝴蝶項鍊和藍色鏤空耳環are both good matches to this dark yellow tulle skirt 非常配這件暗黃色及地紗裙I personally very much like the blue and yellow combination 我個人就非常非常的喜歡藍黃寶石的搭配And I'm going to make a video for that 我還要為此專門做一期藍黃搭配的視頻Please check out notices in my youtube community. 請大家在社區里關注我的節目預告These two little blue and white sapphire necklaces 這兩條藍白間隔的小項鍊And this sapphire ring with leaves 和這枚小葉子花邊的藍寶石戒指are perfect fit for this pink and blue, light, feminine dress 很適合這件粉藍色輕快小女人味的裙裝There's no problem with this blue/black matching 這套黑和藍兩種顏色搭配沒有問題The problem is that necklace, too dark 問題在於那條項鍊,暗上加暗It doesn't give the look any highlight 沒有起到點睛的效果I'll replace it with these two necklaces 我把它換成這兩條項鍊The little butterfly on the right is more dynamic 右邊小蝴蝶比較有動感On the left 左邊精巧it gives depth of light 深淺有致Make the look lively 讓這身搭配活起來Now here is a little summary 現在給大家做一個小總結today we have gone through classical, modern 今天介紹了古典現代minimalist and dainty four types of designs 簡約小巧四個類型的藍寶石搭配In the next video I'll be talking about classical 在下一期我會繼續介紹經典型and luxurious designs 豪華型And some common fashion mistakes 還有一些常見的搭配錯誤I've also summarised how to choose your own style of jewellery 而且我還給大家總結了珠寶搭配至關重要的三部曲I'll show you my daily tricks for matching 最後會帶大家看我日常是怎麼搭配的Okay, that's it for today's episode 好今天的節目就到這裏Thank you for watching 謝謝大家收看I'll see you next Thursday 我們下星期四見

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