荷蘭之行就從這包薯條開始 Netherland trip, start with this fries看到小紅書上推薦說是必吃的 Saw from LRB, this fries recommended as top opt不知道味道怎麼樣 curious how it taste我本以為它歷史很悠久 I was thought it has long heritage of his history但他這裏寫1991年 But it written 1991也沒有歷史很悠久 It's not a long history我點的是一個cheese的醬 I order with cheese它是那種感覺?很敦實的那種土豆 It taste like really potato, a tough one(到了第一個打卡的地方,這是哪裏?) (Arrived the 1st place to visit, where are we?)水壩廣場 Dam Square據說阿姆斯特丹歷史的發源地 The origin of the Amsterdam荷蘭最具盛名的一個廣場 One of the most famous square這個場景就是最多網友打卡的地方了 This place I guess will be the most frequent places that tourist visited標誌性的,拍照景點 Typical, photo spot看到一家非常有意思的襪子店 A pretty interesting sock shop這裏是王子和他的老婆 It's prince and his wife這裏還有川普 And they also have Trump上面還有一撮頭髮 A cool hair cut我剛買了幾顆巧克力 I just bought some chocolate也是小紅書上網友推薦的 Also recommended by LRB叫Polaberry called "Polaberry"應該也算是阿姆斯特丹的網紅店 It looks like a WangHong shop裏面的巧克力可以一顆顆的買,非常漂亮 You can even buy a single one, they are very nice.我現在來吃一個cherry的 Let me start with this cherry one嗯, 很好吃 Delicious它裏面就是一個顆非常甜的車厘子 Inside it is a very sweet pieces of cherries然後外面是白色的巧克力 It surrounded by white chocolate這個巧克力的保質期只有兩天左右 The chocolate shelf life of only about two days如果沒有辦法吃掉的話就少買幾顆 If there is no way to eat, then just buy less of them因為它裏面都是水果嘛 Because they are all fruits inside剛剛那顆是車厘子,其餘的都是草莓 The one I ate is with cherry, the rest are strawberries所以它不是實心的巧克力 So it's not full of chocolate不用擔心吃了以後熱量很高 You should not worry about calories after eating他其實裏面是水果 Actually what you eat is fruit好多黑膠唱片,都好便宜 A lot of vinyl records, cheap ones1歐1張,12張10歐元 One EUR for each, 12 records for 10 EUR我們現在在梵高的博物館 We are at Van Gogh Museum在排隊等進場 Queue for entey我們是3點一刻的場次 We are the group of 3:15pm這裏面有很多梵高的真跡 There are a lot of Van Gogh's artworks in real也是來這裏玩必來的一個景點 This is one of the place you must to come這裏對身為 This place for Gloria asartist不是藝術家 Oh no, not artistSenior DesignerGloria她必須要來薰陶一下 She must be nurtured at here對於藝術的理解 To improve the understanding of art對她從資深美工轉變為初級藝術家做必要的準備 Make preparations for her art sense from senior designer to junior artist是梵高用過的顏料 This is the Van Gogh used paint和畫板 and Sketchpad從它畫板的顏料厚度 Seen the thickness from his drawing board從積存的厚度可以看出他已經用了很長很長的時間 From the reservoir thickness we can see that he has used for a looooong time(梵高)他自稱是農民藝術家 (Van Gogh)He claimed himself as Farmer Artists因為他認為農民生活是一個很好的藝術載體 Because he believed that the lives of farmers is a good vector of art米菲兔 Miffy我一直以為是日本人的兔子 I always thought Miffy designed by Japanese這次我才知道是荷蘭人的「兔子」 Until now, I realized that it came from Netherland然後這個就是穿着梵高向日葵衣服的小裙子 This is the Miffy who wear the Van Gogh sunflower mini skirt我決定要買一個 I will buy one這家川菜(福祿)在阿姆斯特丹還是蠻有名的 This FULU SiChuan Restaurant is quite famous here水煮牛肉、白菜 Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil, steamed china cabbge(吃了多少錢) (how much total?
)我覺得和我猜的還挺接近的 Very close to what I guess75.6歐元 75.6 EURWe are heading to Giethoorn羊角村這個名稱是 The history of Giethoorn由於當時一群挖煤礦的工人定居在此 when digging mines workers settled here由於他們工作形成了大小不一的水道 Because of their work formed the large and small waterways他們還在底下挖出很多羊角 They also dig out a lot of sheep horn後來經鑑定 After identification這批羊角是生活在1170年左右的野山羊 These horns are living in about 1170所以後來這裏就被稱為了羊角村 That's why they name this for this small village因為裏面有很多的河道 Because of those many waterways在宅子和宅子之間都用小橋連着 They are using bridge to connect each houses所以每座房子之間都以橋作為連接 So each house are connected by the bridges所以很多遊客現在都通過水路來參觀羊角村 Many tourists now have to visit the village by the boat非常典型的荷蘭式小鎮 Very typical holland style village(走啦 Bye Bye)(Gloria拿出了手機)這是同事推薦的一個food court Go to a food court recommended by my colleague很多的美食,我們先去看看 A lot of food, allez這應該是什麼? What's this?是豬肉吧? Is it pork?
豬肉配上麵包 Drilled pock with bread吃完晚飯,現在在著名的紅燈區 After dinner, we are at the famous place in Amsterdam - red light street(有何感受) (what do you think)沒有什麼感受,好像開張的人也不是很多 Nothing special, seems a lot of windows are not opened yet要麼已經進去做生意了 Or they have been running business already反正門口人也不是很多 Anyway, less people in front of the shops僅有的幾個女郎也長的很醜 Those few girls didn't look pretty可能生意不太好的都站在窗前走來走去 The girl doesn't have business who have to stand in front of the window這個人說都很難看 He said they are not pretty at all好看的估計已經開始接單了 The pretty ones might be already start the business talks剛才突然之間有人抱住了我們兩個人 Just now, there is a guy suddenly hug us然後一通胡言亂語 Then he speak something didn't make any sense估計是大麻抽到了一定的水平 Probably he had certain level of weed稀里糊塗了 He was all over the place現在已經是早上的十點半了 It's already 10:30 in the morning居然還是醉醺醺的感覺 Surprisingly, he didn't wake up yet現在坐擺渡船去阿姆斯特丹的北部,叫NDSM We plan to take boat to the north of Amsterdam, it called NDSM據說是以前碼頭和造船公司的名字 It is said that is the name of the marina and the shipbuilder後來經過一系列的改造 After a couple of times rebuildup他們把藝術、塗鴉和Loft設計結合在了一區域 They combined the street art, graffiti and Loft in the same area應該是(藝術)文青很喜歡的地方 It should be the best place for the art youth就比如我們這種人 Just like us比如她這種人 Like her ( not me )我覺得你比較像藝術家 I felt you are more act like artist塗鴉藝術家他找到一個廢墟就可以做塗鴉創作 Those artist found the ruins then create graffiti, which is amazing這塊地方正好給了他們很好的土壤 This place just gave them a good soil我覺得有很多很有意思的東西 I noticed a lot of funny things比如,那裏有一個石頭墩子 For example, where there is a stone然後變成了一輛大巴 Then it turns to a bus這裏說不上是一個景點 It's hard to say here is a visit place如果你喜歡拍照的話,你可以在這裏玩半天 If you do like photography, you can stay here for a half day還有前面那個老船廠,你會發現很多有意思的小細節 There is the old shipyard, you will find a lot of interesting little details看似好像不經意在那裏放了一個什麼東西 It looks like they placed there without any intention但是其挺有意思的 But actually its not這裏有很多小的博物館和岸邊的酒吧、餐廳之類的 There are many small museum and bars along the river還有很多境外大的公司也在這裏駐紮 There are many large foreign companies are stationed here像保樂力加、聯合利華辦公場所都在這裏 Like Pernod Ricard, Unilever,etc.作為藝術人士、資深美工你覺得這個地方怎麼樣 As artist or senior designer, what do you feel this place?我覺得挺好的 It's quite nice就是賺不到什麼錢 But it's hard to earn money就是 Let me be myself賺不到錢也沒有關係 It's OK if I can't earn money就屬於開心就好 Happiness is everything做藝術開心就好 Happiness is everything for artist內心的愉悅比恰飯更重要 Inner happiness is always important than hungry我身後有一群藝術青年 A group of young artists這個頭髮和髮型是在太嗲了 The hair cut just amazing !