血清素VS催产素:对抗抑郁!!!巩固爱情!!!How to use Serotonin&Oxytocin to fight depression and strengthen love

Hi hiHello 你好I'm Eileen 我是林林Today we are going to move on to two other important happy factors 今天我們接着來講另外兩個重要和快樂因子And today's knowledge is something that you can use in your everyday life 而今天的知識點是你們在日常生活中就可以用的上的One is the neurotransmitter that affects our mood and sleep 一個是影響我們心情和睡眠的神經遞質when I was talking about the women's brain 我在講女人大腦的那一集I mentioned it 有提到過它And depression has a lot to do with it 而抑鬱症也和它有很大的關係It's called serotonin 它叫血清素And the other one is the hormone that promotes trust and intimacy is also called the love hormone 而另外一個是促進信任和親密關係的荷爾蒙也叫做愛情荷爾蒙It's called oxytocin 它叫做催產素What's the effect of these two things 這兩樣東西有什麼作用And how to legally acquire them 以及如何合法地獲取它們So let's move on 我們接着往下看吧Serotonin is a neurotransmitter 血清素是一種神經遞質When you have enough serotonin you'll feel happy and fulfilled 血清素充足的話會讓你感受到幸福和滿足感So it's also called the happy molecule 所以它也被稱作幸福分子And serotonin is found mainly in our brains and gut and platelets 而血清素主要存在於我們的大腦和腸道以及血小板當中But over 90% of the serotonin is actually in the gut 但是超過90%的血清素其實都在腸道里And it in the gut and brain is actually two separate systems 而腸道和大腦的血清素其實是兩個獨立的系統So if dopamine is a reward prediction error 如果說多巴胺是一種獎勵預測誤差的話So serotonin is a kind of punishment prediction error 那麼血清素是一種懲罰預測誤差Isn't that a little confusing 是不是有點莫名其妙Let me give you an example 我來舉個例子Let's say 比如說I feel like I'm running out of time 我感覺我快堅持不下去了I might not fit in the youtuber 我可能不適合當upDon't give up 不許放棄If you hold on to it you can get millions of fans 再堅持一下就可以成百萬up了Because serotonin is inhibitory in the brain 因為血清素在大腦中起抑制作用It can make people more patient 可以讓人更有耐心More serotonin makes people more willing to wait longer to wait for a reward 較多的血清素可以讓人更願意花更長的時間去等待一種獎勵And what are the effects of serotonin on the body? 而血清素對人體又有一些什麼樣的影響呢It affects one's mood 它主要影響一個人的情緒Appetite 食慾Digestive memory 消化 記憶Sexual desire 性慾Sleep and social behavior 睡眠和社交行為In other words 也就是說When serotonin levels are low 當血清素的水平偏低的時候It's going to be a downer 會發生情緒低落呀Sleep deprivation 睡眠困難啊And then there's no appetite 然後沒有食慾Avoid social 迴避社交啊If it become more serious is depression 再嚴重一點的話就是抑鬱症Wait a minute 等一下I heard that you've been a little depressed? 我好像想到一個人 聽說你最近有點抑鬱If the serotonin is too high 而血清素過高的話There's serotonin syndrome 會出現血清素綜合徵This is mainly due to the use of two or more drugs of the serotonin class or substance 這種症狀主要是因為使用了兩種或者兩種以上血清素類的藥物或者是物質所造成的Do you remember what I said last time? 還記得我上次講了些什麼嗎Yep!
that's mean substance abuse 其實有一點濫用藥物的意思Now I'm using depression for example :the common symptoms of depression are repetitive negative memories 我現在拿抑鬱症舉例 抑鬱症的人普遍的症狀是會陷入重複的負面回憶Emotional sensitivity 情緒敏感Anxiety 焦慮Self-reproach 自責自罪I don't seem to be doing anything right 我好像什麼都做不好It's like the world doesn't need me 好像這個世界沒有人需要我You might even think about suicide 甚至會出現自殺的念頭" The world is not worth it. " 「人間不值得」The physical effects can be insomnia 生理上的影響會出現失眠No appetite, or dulness 沒有食慾或者是遲鈍because people who are depressed tend to have lower levels of serotonin 而因為抑鬱症的人通常會有較低的血清素水平So now the drugs for depression are primarily to prevent the breakdown of serotonin 所以現在治療抑鬱症的藥物主要是防止血清素的分解Or to increase serotonin 或者是提高血清素For example, the famous drug is called 「prozac」. 比如那個非常有名的藥叫做「百憂解」What is it like to have a drug that works by increasing the level of serotonin in the human brain 就是通過增加人類大腦中的血清素水平來發揮作用的 抑鬱症的藥吃完之後會是一種什麼樣的感受呢A lot of people use " calm " to describe it 很多人用「心平氣和」來形容它You don't feel high or angry 你不會感到high也不會生氣It's probably the calm feeling of the mind like peaceful that's nothing important 大概是心如止水的那種平靜感 都不重要So that's it 講到這裏But I have to make a statement 我必須要聲明一下Today in the scientific community the cause of the depression 今天在科學界對於血清素到底是產生抑鬱症的原因It's still controversial 還是結果 還有爭議Just 只是The hypothesis that people with depression generally have low serotonin levels 抑鬱症患者普遍血清素水平偏低而進行的假說And that's why today's anti-depressant drugs are basically regulating serotonin 這也是為什麼今天抗抑鬱症的藥基本都是調節血清素的I'll do another video on depression 關於抑鬱症的話題我以後會單獨出一集Do you remember that I was talking about the women's brain 還記不記得我在講女人大腦的那集There is a particular mention that boys make serotonin 57% faster than girls. 有特別提到過 男生製造血清素的速度要比女生快57%So girls need to take longer to recover their mood 所以女生需要用更長的時間來恢復情緒And a lot of girls are going to have pre-menstrual syndrome every month 加上很多女生每個月可能都會有經前綜合症Like a big appetite 比如說食慾大增啊Irritable and angry 暴躁易怒啊And it's affected by the estrogen 而受到雌激素的影響The serotonin is also low and it's not really a matter of intentionally throwing tantrums and guys are not gon na understand it 血清素也會偏低 真的不是故意要隨便發脾氣 男生是不會懂的And I've talked about the way that you can quickly replenish serotonin by eating 我也講到過快速補充血清素的方法就是吃東西Especially dark chocolate 尤其是黑巧克力There's nothing wrong with dark chocolate 黑巧克力是沒有錯But what to eat 但是吃什麼I have to highlight it here 我必須要在這裏強調一下Avoid eating the wrong foods 避免大家吃錯First of all, you want to avoid a simple carbohydrate 首先要避免單一的碳水化合物They can raise your blood sugar very quickly 它們雖然可以快速提升你的血糖also serotonin 以及血清素But this kind of food is kind of like a " fake orgasm " 但是這類食物有點像是「假高潮」吧It's coming fast 它來的快But it's going to fall very fast 但是掉下去也非常快And it may actually make you hungrier 而且反而可能會讓你更餓And eat more 然後吃更多And then the main thing is it's really easy to get fat 然後最主要的是 它真的容易變胖So if you're really into carbohydrate 所以如果說你非常喜歡吃碳水的話It's better to choose a Complex carbohydrate 最好是選擇複合性的碳水化合物It's better to eat oats with yogurt 不如吃燕麥and things like that 配酸奶之類的The other thing is protein 還有就是要吃蛋白質了Serotonin is synthesized from the tryptophan that we get from food every day 血清素是以我們每天從食物中攝取的色氨酸為材料而合成的And almost all of the protein foods 而幾乎所有的蛋白質食品中They all contain tryptophan 都含有色氨酸這個成分So you can eat all kinds of soy products 所以你可以吃各種豆類製品Like tofu 比如說豆腐啊Beans or milk / fish protein 豆子或者是牛奶啊 魚肉蛋白啊animal livers can be eaten 動物肝臟都可以 除了吃之外Except for eating the other thing is to do more exercise 還有就是多做運動All kinds of sports 各種各樣的運動You know, sports, you know 就是運動嘛 你懂的And the sun 以及曬太陽Especially in the morning 30 minutes enough 尤其是早上 三十分鐘就可以了Serotonin 血清素I'll leave you there 我就先講到這裏So I'm going to talk about 接下來我來講The hormone of love is the oxytocin 愛的荷爾蒙也就是催產素Oxytocin is also called OT 催產素也叫做縮宮素It's secreted by the pituitary gland 它是由腦垂體後葉分泌It's called pituitary gland oxytocin 也叫做後葉催產素It is usually released in large amounts during female labor and breastfeeding.
To help expand the cervix and contract the uterus 一般會在女性生產和哺乳期間大量的釋放 為幫助擴張子宮頸和收縮子宮Promote labor 促進分娩So it's clinically available to treat the late delivery of the oxytocin and i think you've heard about oxytocic 所以在臨床上可用來治療滯產 催產針都有聽過吧就這個東西It can also be used to induce labor 它也可以用來引產Oxytocin stimulates the production of breast milk. 產後刺激的催產素也可以促進乳汁的分泌It helps to establish a connection between the mother and the baby 能協助母親與嬰兒之間建立聯繫Let mothers be more willing to raise young children 讓母親更願意哺育幼兒There's a classic experiment 有一個很經典的實驗It's the virgin rat experiment 就是處女鼠的實驗In short 簡單來說It's for a female who hasn't mated 就是給一隻沒有交配過的雌鼠After oxytocin is injected 注入催產素之後She was willing to take care of the baby mice 她居然願意照顧幼鼠That's what inspired her maternal behavior 也就是激發了她的母性行為Oxytocin is also known as the cuddle hormone 催產素也被稱為擁抱荷爾蒙And the embrace of this action will allow you to produce oxytocin 擁抱這個動作就可以讓你產生催產素There's another behavior that makes people produce oxytocin 還有一種行為可以讓人產生催產素So shy 好害羞啊That is 那就是That's right 沒錯It can also play a very important role in the relationship 它在兩性關係當中也能產生非常重要的作用And men can also produce oxytocin 而男生也是可以產生催產素的And what does oxytocin do in love 而催產素在愛情當中會起到一個什麼樣的作用呢I think it's appropriate to use the word " attachment. " 我覺得用「依戀」兩個字來形容是最恰當的It's not the kind of electrical shock that like phenylethylamine 它不是苯基乙胺的那種觸電感It's not the excitement of dopamine 也不是多巴胺的那種興奮感It's not the kind of adrenaline rush that goes to norepinephrine 也不是去甲腎上腺素的那種怦然心動的感覺It's a bond of trust and a source of security 它是一種信任的紐帶以及安全感的來源It's called the love hormone 關於它叫做愛情荷爾蒙There is a very famous experiment 也有一個非常有名的實驗It's the vole experiment 就是田鼠實驗Let me illustrate this experiment in the simplest terms 我用最簡單的話來闡述一下這個實驗There are two species of voles 有兩種田鼠They have a genetic similarity of 99% . 它們的基因相似度有99%But voles A(Prairie Vole) is A lifelong polyandry 但是田鼠A呢是終身一夫一妻制They are very much in love 它們非常恩愛Nesting together 一起築巢同居The most important thing is that a third party is very difficult to fit in 最重要的就是第三者很難插足You know this is a very, very rare animal in the animal kingdom 要知道這個在動物界真的是非常非常罕見And the voles B(montane vole) 而田鼠B呢The classic playboy 就是典型的浪子The whole mind is sex 完全下半身思考 啪完之後從此是路人I'm going to go 我先走了These two voles, although they have a genetic similarity of 99% 這兩種田鼠雖然它們的基因相似度有99%But they have a very different mating behavior 但是它們的配偶制卻相差那麼大So the study found that 於是研究發現When two volesA meet each other 當兩隻田鼠A相遇的時候It's the feeling of being in love and have sex hole day to get a lot of oxytocin 是戀愛的感覺 它們會啪一天一夜 會產生大量的催產素And that's probably why they're deep love 這可能是它們之間感情濃厚的原因So the experiment let them have sex not so long 於是實驗就讓它們不要啪那麼久It feels like I've forgotten something 總感覺好像忘了點什麼And it turns out that the vole A 結果就是田鼠Ait turns out to be the vole B and they are no longer just specific to each other 確實就變成了田鼠B 它們不再只專一於對方了What a bad scientist 科學家好壞啊And then there was another experiment 而之後又進行了一次實驗It's giving oxytocin to the male of the volesA 就是給田鼠A的雄性注射了催產素It's just looking at the female 讓它只能看着雌性But he can't have sex 但是卻不能啪And then we put them together 之後再把它們放一起The males are back in their original form 雄性居然回到了原來的樣子It's deep love to the female 也就是非常的專一This is amazing 這個就很神奇了Plato voles 田鼠界的柏拉圖嗎And then you can do the experiment with the voles 然後之後再拿田鼠B來做實驗It's also given oxytocin 也給它注入催產素But it didn't work 但是發現沒有效果Why is that?
這是為什麼呢And then it turns out that the brain region of the brain of the vole B has a lack of corresponding receptors 後來才發現田鼠B的大腦相應的區域是缺乏對應的受體It's the receptor for oxytocin 也就是催產素的受體And the female males of the volesB have this problem 而且是田鼠B的雌性雄性都有這個問題So it's also called the playboy gene 所以其實也可以叫做是花心的基因And this little difference can make them behave so differently 就這一點點細微的區別能夠造成他們行為的如此不同Do humans have this kind of playboy gene 人類是不是也有這種花花公子的基因And then a lot of research groups have found that 之後很多的研究小組都發現Oxytocin makes people more generous 催產素可以使人更慷慨It increases trust between people 會增加人與人之間的信任感And more altruistic behavior 並且喚起更多的利他行為Even though oxytocin is proposed as a social phobia 雖然催產素也被提議作為社交恐懼症啊Possible treatment for autism or postpartum depression 自閉症或者產後抑鬱症的可能治療方法But scientists have also found that it may have its dark side 但是科學家也發現了它也可能有它的陰暗面Oxytocin may be the same as alcohol 催產素可能和酒精一樣On the increase 在增加Trust 信賴Generosity and altruism 慷慨和利他行為的同時It reduces fear and anxiety and stress 都降低了恐懼和焦慮及壓力But they also increase aggression risk 但它們同樣都會增加侵略性 冒險的行為Or the prejudice in the circle 或者是圈內的偏見So 所以說No hormones, the more, the better. 任何的激素都沒有說越多越好I just want to get to the equilibrium level 只要達到均衡水平就好了So the question is 那麼問題來了How do you legally produce oxytocin 如何合法的產生催產素呢Oxytocin is in a hug 催產素會在擁抱The touch and the orgasm are released 觸摸以及性高潮的時候被釋放出來But these are the points you have a partner first 可是這幾個點好像你必須得先有個對象才行What if there are no partner 如果沒有對象怎麼辦呢Get a furry pet. 養只毛茸茸的寵物吧Let's say you can have a dog or a cat 比方說養狗或者養貓啊And if you don't want to spend that money 如果不想費那個錢的話It's okay to have a pikachu and it's cheap 養只皮卡丘也是可以的 它很便宜的Good news 好消息好消息Pikachu can not just touch 皮卡丘不單單可以撫摸And it can be easily knead 它還可以隨便的蹂躪The simple act of touching the animal 撫摸動物這個簡單的動作You can have a sense of comfort and a sense of affirmation in the brain 就可以讓大腦內部有類似催產素的安慰感以及肯定感When the dog and the owner eye contacting 當寵物犬和主人對視的時候They both have increase levels of oxytocin 彼此的催產素都會有提高狀態So just to summarize, serotonin affects our mood 總結一下 血清素會影響我們的情緒Girls particular are more likely to be influenced by it 尤其是女生可能更容易受到它的影響Depression is related to it.If you want get it 抑鬱症和它有關 要獲取它的話Just remember to do a lot of exercise, more sunlight 只要記得曬太陽多運動Eat healthy food.
吃健康的食物就可以了How about Oxytocin 催產素呢It's a love hormone 是一種愛情的荷爾蒙It creates attachment and trust 它會讓人產生依戀和信任感Touching hugging and have sex can boost its production 觸摸擁抱和做一些「不可描述的事情」都可以促進它的分泌And if you are single 而如果剛好你是單身的話Get a pet or buy a pikachu to help you. 養只寵物或者是買一隻皮卡丘都可以幫到你So that's what I'm going to do today 以上就是我今天的內容If you like me, remember to give me subscribe and give a like 喜歡我的話記得給我三聯(投幣點讚和收藏!)Please stay curious with me 請你和我一起保持好奇I'll see you next time 我們下次再見



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