CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper Analysis: Online Petition Demands Lenient Marking

New Delhi:  CBSE class 12 physics paper has received mixed responses, this year. Students have started an online petition demanding lenient marking and more than 7000 students have signed the petition at Like previous year, students found the question paper tricky; and there are students who say they will secure full marks. Divided over the difficulty level of the question paper, the feedback given by students is impossible to ascertain if it was a good paper for the students or was it an average one.

'Most of the questions where bit tricky and indirect. Especially the 3 Mark questions from Section C,' reads the petition.

Lesser gap has also been cited to be another reason; students say they didn't get much time to revise for the exam. 'Considering that we only got a single day to revise the portions before our exam which is yet another reason which made this paper tough,' adds the petition to CBSE started online.

While Jaysriram Ballav Roy (PGT Physics, Mother's Public School, Bhubaneshwar) said it to be a balanced paper and assured students not to worry about the result, Mrs Mira Bera (PGT Physics at Army Public School, Delhi Cantt) said that few one mark questions, sub parts of three marks questions and five marks questions were a bit confusing.

The same pattern, of difficulty, was observed in last year's paper as well. Contrary to what is usually expected, the short answer type questions were the trickiest ones last year. The questions carrying 2 and 3 marks tested the application level of the students. The questions were not direct and students had to give more time to those questions. It also happened that many students were not able to finish the paper on time.

CBSE class 12 board exams began on 5 March with English as the first paper. Physics exam was held on 7 March.

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